Approved Executive Committee of the Board of Governors 67.23



1. To enhance the security of persons and their property, to ensure that their rights are protected and to safeguard University property.


2. Security in faculties, schools and services is the responsibility of the respective deans and directors, as well as of all University personnel in the performance of their duties.

3. It is the duty of all supervisory personnel to examine critically all losses experienced in areas under their jurisdiction and to take appropriate measures to minimize the risk of losses for the University and the members of the University community.

4. Deans, Directors and supervisory personnel will ensure that:

  • a) doors and windows giving access to private offices are locked after normal working hours;
  • b) confidential documents and monies are under lock and key and kept in a safe place;
  • c) the occupants of temporary houses establish locking procedures at the end of normal working hours;
  • d) preventive measures are taken to eliminate security hazards associated with activities under their direction.

5. Protection Services will:

  • a) analyze and determine security needs of University property and develop procedures and methods to meet these requirements;
  • b) supplement the normal protective measures taken by faculties, schools and services by the provision of twenty-four hour per day patrolling, with particular emphasis during periods that are not considered normal working hours;
  • c) investigate occurrences related to the protection of persons and their property as well as University property;
  • d) advise and assist all faculties, schools and services in the area of protection;
  • e) operate a central lost and found office;
  • f) inspect and report monthly on the condition and appearance of flags;
  • g) advises Physical Resources Service on key control;
  • h) co-ordinate the program for "Operation Identification";
  • i) enforce traffic and parking regulations (see Policy No.44).


6. Faculties, schools and services will ensure that any irreplaceable documents, e.g. items out-of-print, one of a kind, are copied on microfilm which can be stored in a fireproof vault in the Administration Building (Tabaret Hall). Arrangements in this regard are to be made through the Office of the Secretary of the University.


7. Security Inspectors, Security Patrol Officers, the Traffic Inspector and Traffic Controllers will wear approved uniforms to provide clear recognition while on duty.

8. Members of the Protection Services are authorized to request proof of identity from persons on campus in acccordance with the Interim Directive on the Interpretation and Application of University of Ottawa Policy 33 - Security Section 8 (Requests for Identifying Information).

9. While conducting rounds after normal working hours, security personnel will take the names of all persons who remain in the buildings after locking-up. In cases where authorized functions are being performed, only the person in charge needs to be identified.

10. Security Inspectors, Security Patrol Officers are authorized to take possession of all out-of-date University of Ottawa identification cards and turn these in to the Director, Protection Services.


11. All buildings are to be evacuated and locked at the end of normal working, study or teaching hours.

12. Security personnel will lock exterior doors while conducting a locking-up patrol round following the established closing time.

13. After buildings are locked, unless specific instructions are issued by the faculty, school or service concerned to the Security Division, entry into buildings will not be permitted.

14. The University of Ottawa grounds and buildings are private property and the University reserves the right to bar any person from that property.

15. Commercial and business activities are limited to the University Centre. Approval for such activities must be obtained in advance from the Administrative Committee.

16. Requests for use of the University Centre for occasional commercial activities and demonstrations must be approved in advance by the Director, University Centre.

17. All other requests for the use of University property, including traffic areas such as parking lots, grounds, hallways, etc. for the purpose of occasional solicitation or demonstration must be approved in advance by the Director, Protection Services who may consult the appropriate senior official when necessary.


18. Whenever additional security is required on University property, security personnel, either from the Protection Services or from outside agencies, will be supplied upon authorization from the Director, Protection Services. This is applicable to:

  • a) University of Ottawa faculties, schools, services, departments and organizations;
  • b) Outside persons and organizations authorized to use University of Ottawa property.

19. Faculties, schools, or services requiring additional security shall provide the necessary funds in their respective budgets. The Director, Protection Services, shall indicate the cost of such additional security upon request.


20. All occurrences which have caused a loss or may in the future result in a loss to the University or a claim against the University must be reported promptly to the Protection Services who will record all such reports on an "Occurrence Report Form".


21. Items found on campus shall be turned in forthwith to the Lost and Found Bureau, Room 02A, University Centre, 85 University (local 4636), where they may be claimed by the owners upon presentation of proof of ownership.

22. Items which have been held unclaimed for a period of three months shall be donated to a local charity in exchange for a receipt. Any money found that is not claimed within this three month period shall be turned over to Financial Aid Service.


23. Protection Services personnel is empowered to close any bar, seize all liquor found therein and terminate any function on University premises where alcoholic beverages are found to be dispensed in contravention of University Regulations and/or the Liquor Licence and Control Acts of Ontario.

24. Protection Services shall advise the Secretary of the University of any seizure of liquor and provide an inventory thereof and indicate whether such liquor is required as evidence in court. The Secretary shall direct Protection as to how such liquor shall be disposed of.


25. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Administrative Committee.

Revised April 8, 1992

(Protection Services)