Purchase of Library Documents

Approved Executive Committee of the Board of Governors 67.23



1. All documents (books, periodicals, maps, microforms,audio-visual, etc.) purchased with funds from the approved budget mustbe ordered through the Acquisitions Division of the Library Network andprocessed accordingly by the Processing Division.

2. The Library does not cover the cost of documents orderedoutside the Acquisitions Division, nor the cost of personalsubscriptions, unless there is no other way for the Library Network toobtain them. Such exceptional cases must be authorized by the personresponsible for collections development in each library.

3. Where applicable, information must be obtained as follows:

  • i) To check if a document has been ordered, contact the person responsible for collections development in each library;
  • ii) To check if a document has been received, contact the Reference Section in each library.


4. All request for document purchases must be sent to the person responsible for the collections development in each library.


5. There can be no exception to this policy without the written agreement of the Administrative Committee.

Revised April 25, 1990

(Office of the Vice-Rector, Academic)