Approved Executive Committee of the Board of Governors 67.23


1. In order to avoid duplication, sums for publicity purposes shall be included in the budget only after consultation with:

  • a) the Director of Personnel, in the case of publicity for recruitment of staff;
  • b) the Registrar, in the case of publicity on the final dates of admission, registration, etc., calendars, admission requirements, on-campus and off-campus registration and convocation;
  • c) the Director of Development, in the case of publicity and community cultivation related to fund raising programmes;
  • d) the Director of Public Relations, re all other areas of publicity;
  • e) the Director of Continuing Education, in the case of publicity and public relations related to continuing education.


2. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Administrative Committee.

Revised December 7, 1978

(Office of the Vice-rector, Resources)