Approved Board of Governors 2013.16



1. The purpose of the Investment Policy (“Policy”) is to outline the rules governing the investment of the University of Ottawa (“University”) treasury portfolio, which includes its capital, operating and trust funds.


2. This Policy excludes the investment of endowment funds at the University (see Policy No. 111 Endowment Funds).


3. The treasury portfolio shall be invested by the University in such a manner so as to meet the ongoing liquidity requirements, preserve capital, and maximize the investment income of the University.

4. The asset mix policy, including performance objectives, is detailed in the Statement of Investment Procedures and Guidelines for the University treasury portfolio that is approved by the Finance and Treasury Committee.

5. The sinking fund established to provide for the retirement of long term debt at maturity is invested in accordance with the Sinking Fund Investment Policy that is approved by the Finance and Treasury Committee.

6. The University may retain external managers to invest the University treasury portfolio. The appointment and removal of such external managers shall be approved by the Finance and Treasury Committee.


7. The Finance and Treasury Committee is responsible for overseeing the management and investment of the University treasury portfolio.


8. No exception may be made to the Policy without the written consent of the Finance and Treasury Committee.

Revised June 25, 2013

(Office of the Vice-President, Resources)