Validation of Requisitions (under revision)

Approved Executive Committee of the Senate 68.99



1. This Policy deals with the vali-dation of requisitions of all kinds, including requisition-purchase orders, salary requisitions, general payment requisitions and transfers of funds, which generate an operating budget expenditure.


(*) 2. Deans and Directors are respon-sible for all expenses provided for in their budgets. However, they may delegate certain of their responsi-bilities by empowering specific mem-bers of their staff to approve requi-sitions and to secure purchase order numbers, in emergency, from Materials Management Services.

(*) 3. To give effect to this delega-tion, Deans and Directors must send an original specimen signature and initials of each person empowered to approve requisitions, including themselves, to all Services con-cerned, in particular the following:

Budget Services
Materials Management Services
Financial Services
Personnel Services
University Bookstore
Reprographic Services
Media Production Services

(*) 4. Materials Management Services must also be given the names of staff members authorized to request purchase order numbers in cases of emergency

5. Lists of persons authorized to approve requisitions and to request purchase order numbers must be kept up-to-date at all times by the Faculty, School or Service concerned.

6. Services receiving requisitions must be able to verify the approving officer's signature and/or initials with the original specimen before acting upon the requisition.

7. Improperly authorized requisitions will be cancelled or returned to the Faculty, School or Service concerned.


8. Any change in the appointment of a person authorized to approve the requisitions or to request purchase order numbers must be notified to all concerned (see paragraph 3 above) immediately upon approval, as follows:
a. change in appointment of Dean, Chairman of Department, Director of School or Service - such notifications to be made by the Secretary of the University.
b. change in appointment of delegated officer within a Faculty, School or Service, e.g. Administrative Officer - such notification to be made by Personnel Services.

9. The Dean or Director will be responsible for the review and, when necessary, the amendment of any existing delegation of authority within the Faculty or Service concerned.


10. No exception may be made to this Policy without the written consent of the Assistant Vice-Rector, Administration

Revised March 26, 1981 (Supersedes edition of December 7, 1979)


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