Property Rentals by Housing Services

Approved Administrative Committee 116.9



1. The purpose of this policy is to outline the rules that govern the rental of University properties.

2. This policy should be read in conjunction with Procedure No. Housing 35-1.


3. The Director, Housing Services (Student Services), is responsible for the administration of University rented properties.


4. Application. Rental requests for University properties should be submitted to Housing Services.

5. Priority of Rentals. University properties will be rented according to the following priorities:

  • a) Student(s) (full-time) with a child or children;
  • b) Students (full-time) living maritally;
  • c) Single student (full-time).

6. Rental Agreement. The rental agreement between the tenant and the University will be on a yearly basis from September 1st to August31st. All University owned properties are rented as unfurnished dwellings.

7. Sub-let. A tenant who intends to sub-let a University owned dwelling must obtain authority from the Rental Office, Housing Services.


8. Increases. Rental increases for University dwellings shall be submitted by Housing Services to the Administrative Committee of the University of Ottawa for approval.

9. Payment. All rents are to be paid to Housing Services on or before the first day of each calendar month.


10. In certain rentals, stoves and refrigerators are provided, however if these items are declared obsolete during the term of the lease, Housing Services will not replace them.


11. Heating and Electricity. All heating and electrical costs are to be paid by the tenants occupying single dwellings. In multi-dwellings, heating and electrical costs shall be paid by Housing Services. These costs are included in the actual rental charges.

12. Janitor. A limited janitorial service will be provided to multi-dwelling residences. This service includes the cutting of lawns and snow removal from front and rear entrances.

13. Removal of Refuse. The tenant is responsible for the removal and disposal of all refuse e.g. ashes, rubbish, etc., in accordance with by-laws as issued by the City of Ottawa.

14. Parking. All parking arrangements are to be approved by the Director of Housing Services and can be revoked at any time during the term of the lease.

15. Summer Screens/Double Windows. Housing Services shall coordinate with Physical Plant Services the installation and removal of double windows and screens in all rented dwellings.


16. Realty Tax/Water and Sewage Account. Housing Services will pay all municipal Realty Taxes as well as all Water and Sewage accounts for rented dwellings.


17. The Executive Assistant, Property Management, is responsible for the negotiations of adequate property fire insurance for all rented dwellings. The insurance premium is paid by Housing Services. Insurance of personal effects e.g. furniture, clothing, etc. is the tenant's responsibility.


18. Within the limits of the approved budget for rented dwellings, the Director of Housing Services has the authority and responsibility to approve all repairs affecting rented dwellings. Refurbishing and maintenance requests will be referred to Physical Plant Services; requests for renovations will be referred to Planning and Construction Services.


19. On termination of a rental agreement, the tenant is responsible for the return of all issued keys to:

  • a) During normal working hours, to the Rental Office.
  • b) After working hours, weekends and statutory holidays, to the Protection Division, Physical Plant Services.


20. The University of Ottawa shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property or vehicles including the contents thereof owned by the tenants, their visitors and guests while such property and vehicles are on or upon the rented premises.

21. Property Damage. Damages caused to rented dwellings, excluding fair wear and tear, will be recovered from the lessee of the rented dwelling.


22. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Administrative Committee.

Revised October 19, 1988

(Student Affairs)