Signage (Under Revision)

Approved Administrative Committee 222.4



1. Signage, for purposes of this policy. will mean all forms of interior informa¬tive, directional, emergency and ordinance signs, either temporary or permanent, throughout the University and on any other properties owned or rented by the University. In addition to the above, the policy will also apply to lettering for directory boards and similar apparatus, exterior metal signs for Faculties and Services, including signs for parking lots.

2. This definition excludes the selection and installation of directory boards (see Policy No. 73). It also excludes exterior concrete and illuminated signs which are under the jurisdiction of Planning and Construction Services.


3. The acquisition of signage must be made in agreement with Policy No. 36, entitled "Purchasing and Rental Policy", With the exception of signage included in a project of construction and renovation under the jurisdiction of Planning and Construction Services where bids are invited from outside contractors.

4. Reprographic Services is responsible for the requisitioning, installation, inventory and storage of signage as per paragraph 1. Also, it is the responsible, in cooperation with Planning and Construction Services, for the updating of specifications of interior signs.

5. All signage, both new and replacement, must conform to standards approved by the University. In cases where the University standards cannot be applied, the presentation of the signs must be in conformity with the design, colour and materials of other signs on campus.

6. The design and location of all signs for which there are not approved standards will be determined by Planning and Construction Services.

7. It is the responsibility of the Faculties, Schools and Services of the University to update the signage in their respective buildings.

8. Temporary signage will be permitted under the following conditions:
a) If it is of a temporary nature (maximum period: 30 days);
b) If it is followed by an order for a permanent sign within two weeks;
c) If there is a delay in the acquisition of a permanent sign.

9. The requisitioning procedures are provided in Procedure 6-1, “Reprographic Services”, which must be read in conjunction with this Policy.

10. All signage, as outlined above, will provided at cost by Reprographic Services.


11. Any unauthorized or obsolete signage will be removed by Physical Plant Services.


12. No exception shall be made to this Policy without written consent of the Assistant Vice-Rector, Supply and Services.

Revised October 27,1977 (Supersedes edition of February 21, 1974)

Removal of Signage

(Reprography Services)