Approved Executive Committee of the Board of Governors 74.134



1. The University recognizes the right of each employee to enter public life and run for elections.


2. In this policy:

Public office means any elective office of the federal government or a provincial legislature, or of mayor of Ottawa or Hull or any similar office as determined by the Administrative Committee.


3. All members of the support staff who are eligible for employee benefits as stipulated in Policy No. 8 are covered by this policy.


4. Notice to faculty and service administrators

Members of the support staff who intend to let their name stand before a party convention or during the nomination period for elections to a public office must give their dean or director reasonable notice to this effect, thus allowing the dean or director to make arrangements for having the resulting extra workload performed by others from the date the campaign begins until the day of the election.

The dean or director must provide the employee concerned with a copy of this policy and, as soon as this employee's intentions are known, must submit an application on behalf of the employee to the Administrative Committee; this application must set out the measures to be used for having the extra workload properly performed.

5. Leave with pay

Upon the dean or director's request, the Administrative Committee may grant a leave with pay and benefits to the support staff member for a maximum of thirty calendar days during which he is campaigning for office and ending on the date of the election. This leave shall not be denied without valid justification.

6. An employee who has not been elected must return to work immediately and carry on with his regular duties.

7. An employee who is elected may ask for a leave without pay for any period up to six years in which he holds one of the aforementioned offices in accordance with Policy No. 9 a) or resign from his position the day following the election.


8. The director of Human Resources Service is responsible for interpreting this policy. The application of the policy is the joint responsibility of faculty or service management and the director of Human Resources Service.


9. The present policy applies to employees and/or situations not covered by provisions of a collective agreement.


10. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Vice-rector, Resources and Planning.

Revised September 28, 1987

(Human Resources)