Cross-Appointment of Academic Staff

Approved Board of Governors 75.100



1. This policy defines the purpose and the conditions of the cross-appointment of a member of the academic staff. A cross-appointment reflects the active and substantial involvement of a professor in the teaching, research, development of academic programs, or supervision of graduate students, in more than one department. A cross-appointment gives a professor a distinctive status which goes beyond the provision of service courses to several departments or faculties.


2. A cross-appointment comprises:

  • a) a principal appointment in a specified department, called the "principal department". Recommendations concerning the cross-appointment of a professor are made at the main departmental level, in cooperation with the Teaching Personnel Committee of the department if required, and in consultation with the secondary department or departments if required;
  • b) one or more secondary in other departments of the University, called "secondary departments" in the same faculty or in other faculties.

3. The member shall be notified in writing by his or her dean as to:

  • a) the effect of the proposed cross-appointment on the member's responsibilities and privileges;
  • b) whether the member will or will not have full membership in the assembly of his or her proposed secondary department or departments.

4. A member's academic rank in the principal department and in the secondary department or departments shall be the same.

5. Where the Collective Agreement calls for the consideration of a matter by the member's chairperson or dean or by a Teaching Personnel Committee, it is understood that these shall be the chairperson, dean or TPC corresponding to the member's principal appointment. In all such instances, chairpersons and TPCs of the member's secondary department or departments shall be consulted regarding the matter under consideration and their written opinions or recommendations shall be placed in the member's file.

6. The salary shall be charged to the main department.


7. a) Request "T" to the Joint Committee of the Senate and the Board of Governors: the duration of the cross-appointment is specified on the request and the text of agreement on the allocation of tasks and responsibilities is attached.

b) A cross-appointment shall be for a term not exceeding three years and is renewable.

c) For a renewal of a cross-appointment already approved by the Joint Committee, the dean may approve the renewal but must advise the Office of the Vice-Rector, Academic by submitting an "R" form.

d) The termination of a cross-appointment coincides with the expiry date of the appointment contract or it may take place, by mutual agreement of all parties, during the fulfilment of the contract.


8. In case of conflict during the negotiation of an agreement involving departments of the same faculty, the dean acts as arbitrator. If the conflict concerns two or more faculties, the Vice-Rector, Academic is the arbitrator.


9. No exception may be made to this policy without the written approval of the Administrative Committee.

Revised April 28, 1993

(Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost)