Reprography Section

Date effective: 1977-06-29

Authorized by: Vice-Rector, Academic



1. The Reprography Section provides the University community with the following services as authorized by Policy 82c

  • a) photocopying services; 
  • b) feasibility studies prior to the procurement of all photocopying and duplicating equipment; 
  • c) rental of reprographic material and accessories; 
  • d) purchase of supplies for photocopiers; 
  • e) feasibility studies concerning printing and selection of supplier.


2. All services listed above are available at the Reprography Section. The priorities to be applied when allocating services and available resources are detailed in article 4 of Policy 82.

3. Photocopying services can be obtained from any of Reprography Section satellite or by using the coin or debit card operated photocopiers located on campus.


4. To request a small number of photocopies (100 or less per original) from one of the satellites, you must complete one of two forms, i.e. SA06-RS35 or SA06-RS12 (appendices A and B respectively).

To request a large number of photocopies, you must complete a requisition form and a purchase order addressed to the supplier in accordance with the contract negotiated by Materials Management Services.

To request typesetting and stationery services, you must complete a purchase order and send it to the supplier in accordance with the contract negotiated by Materials Management Services.

Please send your requests to the Contract Coordinator.

To request printing services, you must complete a requisition form and submit the request to the Contract Coordinator, who will advise you on what to do.

5. Requests must include the following:

  •  a) the expense code to which the cost is to be charged; 
  •  b) the signature of the person authorized to sign requisitions in the department initiating the request; 
  • c) the number of originals; 
  • d) the quantity required; 
  • e) if the work is to be done on white or coloured paper; 
  • f) the quality of the paper; 
  • g) the colour of the ink; 
  • h) if punching is needed; 
  • i) if collating is needed; 
  • j) if stapling is needed; 
  • k) if folding is needed; 
  • l) any special comments concerning the work, e.g. back-to-back, etc.

6. Reprography Section or the supplier will complete the order as indicated on the request, and will arrange for shipment to the address given.

7. Requisition Order forms can be obtained by calling 4-5041.


8. Confidentiality of the work undertaken is guaranteed under the following conditions:

i) seal the envelope carefully using tape; the signature of the requisitioner should be written diagonally across the tape so that any tampering can be detected;

  •  a) the work is brought to Reprography Section by special messenger or by the person initiating  the request; 
  • b) when sending through the mail, take adequate precautions to secure the work as follows:

ii) indicate clearly the name, the complete address and telephone number of the person to be contacted when the work is done;

iii) write Confidential on the envelope and on the requisition;

iv) indicate the preferred method of delivery, i.e. if the work is to be sent by mail or if it will be picked up. 

  • c) the requisitioner may watch the work at it is processed and leave with the completed job the same day when feasible; 
  • d) Reprography Section will send confidential material through the mail in specially sealed envelopes bearing a Confidential tag with the telephone number, complete address and name of the addressee.


9. No exception may be made to this procedure without the written consent of the Vice-Rector, Academic.

Revised April 8, 1992

(AudioVisual and Reprography Services)