Approval Authorities

Date Effective: 2019-07-01
Authorized by: Administration Committee

The Individual and Authorized Approver’s signature certifies that the University Business expense(s) reimbursement complies with Policy 21 and Related Procedures. The following table illustrates the approval workflow under Policy 21 and Related Procedures:

Individual Authorized Approver
Members of the Board of Governors or its committees Secretary-General
President Chair, Board of Governors
Vice-Presidents President
Head of Units (Deans, Vice-Provosts, Deputy Provost, Associate Vice-Presidents) Vice-President
Principal Investigator Any individual within the Unit who is one or more position levels above
Any individual charging a research project Principal investigator (PI) or formally documented delegate.
Any other individual not listed Any individual with management and budget authority over the Individual, and who is one or more position levels above

(Office of the Associate Vice-President, Financial Resources)