Archives Management

Date : 21-12-2022
Instance of approval : University Secretary-General
Originating/Responsible Department : University Archives 


1.1 To ensure that the University of Ottawa’s institutional memory, as well as information identified as having archival, historical or legal value, is preserved, protected and made available for generations to come.


2.1 The Information and Archives Management Service (IAM) is an administrative unit within the Office of the Secretary General.

2.2 The University of Ottawa Information and Archives Management Service is the official repository for the University’s institutional records of archival, historical or legal value.


3.1 All archival materials are managed in accordance with Policy 23 on information management, the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the federal Copyright Act, other University of Ottawa policies and archival standards.

3.2 Archival materials acquired by IAM are under its custody and control. They are managed in such a way to ensure their integrity, authenticity, accessibility, reliability and long-term preservation.  

3.3 Information identified as having archival, historical or legal value are managed under this procedure on any format including but not limited to hard-copy textual and electronic documents, structured data, graphic images, sound and video recordings, books, maps, drawings, photographs, and any other information that is written, photographed, recorded or stored in any manner, which includes information in analogue, electronic, and digital formats.


4.1 Acquisition, appraisal and disposition

Acquires, appraises and disposes of University archival material according to specific criteria set out in the Classification et Retention Schedule, in accordance with Procedure 20-4.

Acquires, appraises and disposes of archival material donated by third parties, or that are not covered by the Classification and Retention Schedule, in accordance with the criteria set forth in section 5 of this document.

4.2 Arrangement and description

Processes, arranges and describes the archival material according to standardized rules in order to facilitate access for the University community and external researchers.

4.3 Preservation and conservation

applies preservation measures and standardized conservation practices to ensure the long-term preservation of archival materials in all media and formats. This includes, but is not limited to, the storage of digital archival material in a trusted digital repository as well as storage of traditional media in temperate vaults.

4.4 Research support

manages a reference service and enable access to and reproduce archival materials.

4.5 Teaching support

manages a teaching support service through various activities at the University of Ottawa or other surrounding educational institutions, to share the expertise of IAM professionals and support the University’s teaching mission.

4.6 Dissemination

shares the University’s history with the University community, the public and other interest groups, including through presentations, guided tours, exhibitions and publications.


5.1    The IAM will also acquire archival materials that are not covered by the Classification and Retention Schedule relative to:

a)    The mission, values and fundamental principles of the University; and

b)    The interpretation and implementation of its traditions, directions and policies in terms of administrative, teaching, research and social activities.


6.1    The IAM will acquire archival materials by the following means:

a)    Administrative transfer: Transfer of records will occur according to Procedure 20-4. For records not covered by the Classification and Retention Schedule, units must contact IAM regarding the transfer of records and procedures to be followed.
b)    Donation: All donations of private property not in the custody of the University must be acquired through a formal deed of gift. 
c)    Loans: Material temporarily in the University’s custody formalized through an agreement.


7.1 Access to archival materials is provided in accordance with University of Ottawa Policy 90 — Access to Information and Protection of Privacy as well as other policies and procedures adopted by the University.

7.2    All published archival materials already in the public domain are available for consultation.

7.3    Access to any unprocessed archival materials may be restricted pending review to ensure that they contain no personal or confidential information.

7.4    Access to fragile and valuable archival materials may be restricted to protect them from damage or loss. In such cases, copies may be substituted for consultation purposes.

7.5    Consultation of archival materials must be carried out in the designated Reading Room, where supervision and assistance will be provided.

7.6    Consultation is by appointment only and individuals must present an identification card with a current photograph.

7.7    Individuals consulting archival materials must comply with all Reading Room regulations.


8.1 The Secretary General of the University is responsible for periodic review of this procedure.

8.2 The Secretary General may approve, amend, abrogate or make exceptions to this procedure provided that the exceptions are consistent with the provisions of Policy 23 on Information Management.