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Digital strategy and learning innovation

The University of Ottawa is committed to pushing the boundaries in order to provide a rich, innovative and engaging learning experience. In order to advance this goal, the President has appointed Kevin Kee, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, to the position of Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy and Learning Innovation. Senior Advisor Kee will perform these duties on a full-time basis until his return to the Office of the Dean in January 2024.

Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy and Learning Innovation

The Senior Advisor to the President, Digital Strategy and Learning Innovation will help establish the University of Ottawa as a national leader in digital transformation in teaching, research, knowledge mobilization and lifelong learning. As a past holder of a Canada Research Chair focused on learning through technology, and having launched a series of new learning program initiatives as Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Senior Advisor Kee will bring a wealth of expertise and experience to this new role.

The Senior Advisor will expand on the long-term aspirations of Transformation 2030, build on the Imagining Our 5G Campus report, and draw from recent initiatives in several Faculties to lead and direct a process that reimagines the role of the University of Ottawa in society, enables emerging technologies to improve and add to the individual and collective campus experience, and builds ecosystems to serve lifelong learners in the National Capital Region, across the country and around the world. In this way the Senior Advisor will help the University of Ottawa achieve its goal of becoming more agile, connected, impactful and sustainable.

To pursue this objective, the Senior Advisor will foster a sense of common university purpose by working closely with the vice-presidents and deans as well as by engaging with counterparts elsewhere in Canada and internationally.

Kevin Kee
Senior advisor Kee