The University of Ottawa is committed to sustainability in our teaching, research and operations.

Sustainability at uOttawa

As a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, we understand the positive impact we can have on the environment. That’s why we’re designing, implementing and promoting practices that will build a sustainable, healthy and vibrant campus culture. From curriculum development and research to financial investment management and infrastructure efficiencies, we have a strong interest in creating an environmentally friendly, sustainable university. 


Become carbon neutral by 2040


Reduction in overall volume of waste by 2030


Send zero waste to landfill by 2050

Our future

Sustainability is one of the four pillars of our strategic plan, Transformation 2030. This roadmap offers a bold vision for our next ten years. It will help us to achieve our goals, stay motivated and hold ourselves to account.  

As a socially responsible organization, we want to show climate leadership, be an active agent of change and reduce our environmental footprint. Transformation 2030 outlines many actions to make the campus more resilient and sustainable from both an environmental and a financial perspective.  

Learn about Transformation 2030
Vegetable garden on campus being watered.

Our present

Our Office of Campus Sustainability is an excellent resource and active player in integrating sustainability into daily campus life. Its work is helping us take concrete steps to reduce our environmental impact. Whether you’re a student, staff member or professor, you can find out how to apply sustainability to your academic pursuits or daily workday. 

Explore the Office of Campus Sustainability
Live green wall inside campus building.
Community garden on campus.
Tabaret Hall

Environmental management and sustainability policy

University Policy 72 outlines our responsibilities with respect to environmental protection and sustainable practices, as well as a framework to meet them.
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