The connective tissue of our strategic plan

During Phase 1 of our process, the uOttawa community collectively laid the foundation for Transformation 2030 by identifying and validating 6 core aspirations that inform everything we do.

We are very conscious of the need to prepare our students, whatever their field of study. We will favour inclusive, innovative, and nimble teaching, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, nourished by best practices in pedagogy.

We will conduct cutting-edge, high-quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, in which the intellectual worth of basic research and practical application are both valued and celebrated.

We will demonstrate a strong commitment to our community, in our respect for its values as much as in our generous sharing of the fruits of our activity.

We consider our commitments towards Franco-Ontarian and Franco-Canadian culture to be elemental, and we wish to play a frontline role in the broader intercultural French-speaking world.

We wish to remain an employer of choice and are highly attuned to the fact that our success is built on the contributions of our talented and dedicated staff, both academic or non-academic.

We will govern ourselves with rigour and transparency, focusing on the quality and value of administrative services from the user’s point of view.

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