Associate Vice-President, Human Resources

Elvio Buono

Elvio Buono was appointed Associate Vice-President, Human Resources August 5, 2014.

Biography :

Elvio Buono has spent the last 30 years working in the academic community, with the last 14 at Université de Montréal. Before joining the university, he was with the Bureau de la Coopération Interuniversitaire (BCI), formerly the Conférence des recteurs et des principaux des universités du Québec (CREPUQ).

Buono's functions at BCI/CREPUQ and his experience at Université de Montréal allowed him to develop a strategic vision of the role human resources plays, one that is consistent with best practices and ensures institutional goals are met.

His background in law and human resource management have allowed Buono to successfully carry out his responsibilities in the areas of professorial affairs, research, contract negotiations and labour relations, workplace health and safety, development and implementation of HR information systems, compensation and benefits, organizational development, service delivery to different units and continuing education in human resource management for academic and administrative staff.

His experience working in varied and challenging settings has contributed significantly to shaping his skills in leadership and training as well his communication, negotiation and decision-making skills. Buono greatly values quality relationships with others and takes a lead role in coordinating staff teams.

Buono completed a masters in law (LLM) at Université de Montréal. His thesis, on the constitutional foundations of academic freedom of law professors at Canadian and American universities, was published by the Barreau du Québec.

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