Council of the Administration Committee, Deans and Chief Librarian



Under the direction of the President, the Council of the Administration Committee and Deans ("the Council") will act as the University executive consultative committee. Members will have a dual role in participating in the deliberations of the Council; first, as administrators for a sector or a faculty and secondly in representing the larger interests of the University.

Powers and Functions

The Council will act as a consultative committee and will promote a culture of information-sharing and collaboration between members in the following areas:

a) Strategic Plan

  • The development of annual strategic priorities and the operationalization of Destination 2020.

b) Budget

  • The development of the budget and identification of potential spending reductions and reallocations.
  • The establishment of sources of funding for strategic initiatives related to Destination 2020 priorities.

c) Capital plan

  • The development of the University's Capital Plan in line with strategic priorities.

d) Major research initiatives
·   The planning of major research initiatives in line with the strategic priorities of the University.

e) Environmental scan

  • The early identification and exploration of opportunities, management related-issues, and key risks and challenges.


Under the direction of the President, the Committee consists of the following members:

  1. the Vice-President Academic and Provost;
  2. the Vice-President, Research;
  3. the Vice-President, External Relations;
  4. the Vice-President, Resources;
  5. the Vice-President, Governance;
  6. Dean, Faculty of Arts
  7. Dean, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section h.   Dean, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section
  8. Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  9. Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
  10. Dean, Telfer School of Management
  11. Dean, Faculty of Medicine
  12. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences n.   Dean, Faculty of Education
  13. Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies p.   Dean, Faculty of Science
  14. Chief Librarian


The President is the Chairperson of the Committee. In his absence, the Vice-President, Academic and
Provost will act as Chair.

The Committee meets once a month at least, and/or at the call of the President.


Three members of the Administration Committee and five deans constitute a quorum.


The Committee reports to the President.

Secretarial Services

Secretarial services are provided by the Office of the Vice-President, Governance.

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