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We promote privacy best practices at the University of Ottawa, help staff protect the University against privacy breaches and offer support in situations where a breach may have occurred. We also ensure the University upholds its commitment to the principles of access to information as set out in Policy 90.

To learn more about how the University uses personal information, read the University’s Notice of collection

Report a breach

Report a privacy breach if you:

  • lose a device containing personal information
  • inadvertently send an email containing personal information
  • discover a cyberattack aimed at accessing personal information
  • become aware of any other unauthorized disclosure of personal information
  • Privacy breach report form [PDF]

Submit an access request

Submit an access to information request under FIPPA if you are seeking access to:

  • general records for non-personal information
  • records regarding your personal information

Make sure to consult the Personal information banks before filling out the Access Request Form [PDF] for requesting your personal information.

File a complaint

File a Privacy Complaint if you believe that the University wrongfully collected, used or disclosed of your personal information.

Privacy Complaint Form [PDF]

About us

AIPO is responsible for the effective implementation and administration of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act(FIPPA) at the University of Ottawa. Here is some of what we do:

  • Provide ongoing advice, guidance and recommendations
  • Manage access to information requests submitted under FIPPA
  • Respond to privacy breaches
  • Respond to privacy complaints
  • Establish and review policies, procedures, notices, guidelines and processes
  • Develop and deliver training  and raise awareness
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