5 Ways to Build Your Intramurals Dream-Team and Stay Connected This Season

Athletics and recreation
Athletics and recreation
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Registration for the Fall 2023 season opens august 21st and as we know, registration always fills up FAST!

Many Gee-Gees have already chosen their sports, gathered their teams, and are eagerly waiting for registration to open. If you’re one of these Gee-Gees, we can’t wait to welcome you back for another intramurals edition in September, but if you’re not, don’t stress – We’re here to help! Here are some resources to help you find a team for intramurals, and to keep you connected throughout the season:

  1. Facebook Group

    The official Intramurals Facebook group is your hotspot for all things intramurals! Whether it’s asking staff questions, interacting with your peers, sharing stories, catching updates, or enjoying highlights, photos and videos from the semester, you can find what you’re looking for here. Joining the Intramurals Facebook group is essential to staying in the know and making the most of your season, but there are more benefits to consider than just staying up to date. Still looking for a team? Why not post a call-out in the group looking for other individuals who are in the same position? Who knows, the group may just help you build a super-team capable of taking on the Monstars, while having fun and making friends in the process! Click here to join the group now!
  2. Social Media

    We already use our social networks to stay connected, but what about also using them to actually network and find our intramurals dream team! There are many so many great features on the social media platforms we already for finding friends and peers with common interests to participate in activities just like intramurals. Why not post a poll on Facebook asking your connections what intramurals sports they’d be interested in participating in? Or a snapchat story with a ‘Questions’ box asking your followers how interested they are in forming a team? Or our personal favourite, why not reshare one of our own official Intramurals posts on your Instagram story and add a slider with the prompt “How badly do you want to team up with me for intramurals” The possibilities are endless!
  3. Discord

    Looking for a place where you can connect with like-minded friends, peers, classmates and Gee-Gees alike? Why not create one? Platforms like Discord allow you to create topic-based channels which act as chat rooms, spaces, and communities where you can interact, hang out, and chat about specific and interests. Discord servers are easy to manage, organized, and filled with features conducive to fun and creativity. Create a server, share it with your friends, on your social media profiles, and in your social media groups, and you may have found a new intramurals team and some life-long friends and fitness pals before you know it! Once you’re all set, your discord server will be a great tool for your team to stay connected, discuss upcoming games, and schedule hang outs all season long!
  4. Drop-In Gym

    Need some teammates for your intramurals team? What better way to find Gee-Gees interested in playing a sport on campus then by… playing a sport on campus! Register to our Drop-In Gym sessions to play one of the drop-in sports offered with other active Gee-Gees and you’re sure to find some interested intramural-team candidates! Sounds like a great idea? Consult the drop-in sports schedule here! Simple, yet effective. Already have your team ready? Use this resource to get in some practice sessions before and during the season!
  5. Events (Varsity Games, Group Fitness, Campus Activities)

    Not only are they an integral part of the student experience, but they’re a great opportunity to make friends who may be interested in teaming up for intramurals! Whether it be attending varsity games, participating in free Campus Recreation activities, or taking advantage of any of the many other awesome events and opportunities provided to the Gee-Gees student community, you’ll not only make some new connections, but have a blast doing it! In need of some team bonding? Why not catch a varsity game with your squad or try out a fitness class together? Whatever you decide, you can find it here on the campus activities website.

See you in the Fall Gee-Gees!