Let your child achieve their full potential as a hockey player! Camps are led by skilled players and coaches from the Gee-Gees women’s hockey team! These camps offer three stages of development based on skill level and age.

Camp Hours 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Participating in the Gee-Gees Women’s Hockey Camp during the offseason can greatly benefit your child’s development as a player. Children refine their skills, gain confidence and build friendships. When they return to their teams for the 2024–2025 season, they’re better equipped to contribute and make an impact.

Grouping players with similar skill sets, the camp allows for optimal player development. Coaches and trainers tailor activities and drills to the needs of each group, challenging every player to improve.

Not only will your child have the chance to build their hockey skills, but they’ll also have fun and make lasting friendships with other players who share their passion for the sport.

The camps also include off-ice exercises that translate into better on-ice performance, and fun, non-hockey activities such as other sports that increase overall athleticism.

Each day, players will be on the ice for two one-hour sessions. Key on-ice development areas are:

  • Skating mechanics
  • Edges, footwork and agility
  • Stickhandling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Small area games

Small area games let players practise newly-acquired skills in a game-like setting, transferring their skills from training sessions to real game situations. This helps them learn when and where to make quick passes and create attacking opportunities.

Small area games require quick decision-making and problem-solving skills. Players must constantly assess the situation and make split-second choices on navigating the limited space. This challenges their cognitive abilities and helps them develop a better understanding of the game.Small area games also let players learn to quickly transition from offence to defence and vice versa, adapting to changing situations.

Girls ages 6-8 are welcome to register for the boy's FUNdamentals programs.

Youth Specialized Skills/ Elite Camps: 

Specialized Skills Development Camps:
U13, U11, U9

June 24 to 28Specialized skillsSkaters28675$439
June 24 to 28Specialized skillsGoalies28674$439
July 2 to 5Specialized Skills Skaters28679$389
July 2 to 5Specialized Skills Goalies28678$389
July 2 to 5Youth specialized skillsSkaters28681$389
July 2 to 5Youth specialized skillsGoalies28682$389
August 12 to 16Specialized SkillsSkaters28683$439
August 12 to 16Specialized SkillsGoalies28684$439
August 12 to 16Youth specialized skillsSkaters28779$389
August 12 to 16Youth specialized skillsGoalies28780$389

* No camp  July 1st, 2024 (Canada Day)