The University of Ottawa, partnered with dedicated members of the greater community, have launched the Send a Kid to Camp initiative, backed by the Sports Camp Fund. The initiative hopes to make Gee-Gees camps accessible to deserving children demonstrating financial need from the Rideau-Vanier Ward (12).

What is the Sports Camp for Children Fund?

This program is made possible by many people. Generous donations are made by university employees, guardians of registrants and other members of our community. Notably, City Councillor Stephanie Plante and her team ensure the success of this program. United together, city administration, university administration, employees, guardians and community looking to help sent 35 children to camp last summer. This year, 20 children will be invited to experience the fun and excitement that is Gee-Gees Sports Camps.

How can I contribute?

To raise funds for this initiative, the University of Ottawa graciously accepts donations from employees, registrants or anyone who would like to contribute. As well, the University’s Sports and Protection Services organize a public golf tournament from which money raised goes to the Sports Camp for Children Fund. Anyone can donate online. Those who are registering their children for camps also have the option of adding a donation during the process. A charitable receipt will be issued for donations over $20.00. Surely, we cannot adequately express the immense gratitude of the parents and children supported by this program, nevertheless, thank you.

How can I apply?

We are so pleased you are interested in our “Send a Kid to Camp” initiative! If you would like to be supported by our program, you should first contact Stephanie Platne's office by email at [email protected] or by calling (613) 580-2482. Your application should contain your name and your child’s or children’s name(s), your telephone number and a brief paragraph explaining why your child or children should be chosen to attend the camp. As soon as your application has been accepted by Mrs. Plante's team, please complete the Gee-Gees Camps Registration Form and return it to the camp administration (in person, by mail, by fax, or by email). You can reach the Gee-Gees Sports Camps at (613) 562-5800 ext. 4477, by email at [email protected] or in person in Montpetit Hall room 102 (open Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM).

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