Make-up courses in mathematics and science

Make-up courses in mathematics and science are either equivalent to high school prerequisite courses or combine the subject matter from high school with the university course. The University of Ottawa offers these courses to students who are missing a prerequisite course at the time of their admission or to those who need a prerequisite before making a request to change their program of study.

The enrolment process varies according to the discipline of the make-up course. Find the discipline below to follow the registration enrolment process that applies.

Information Icon Your offer of admission will indicate if you need to take a make-up course. If you take the make-up course before entering university, you must submit proof of completion to your faculty.

Students admitted for the Winter term: If you need to take a biology, chemistry or physics make-up course, contact the Faculty of Science to find out how to enrol.

Make-up courses in Biology and mathematics

You must take any make-up courses in math and biology in addition to your program’s compulsory courses. You can take these make-up courses during your first term or in the summer before you start.

Information IconFaculty of Engineering students: We strongly recommend that you enrol for any mandatory make-up courses during the summer before your first year. This will not only better prepare you for your first-year courses, but will also allow you to follow the recommended course sequence without any delays.
Information IconIf you would like to have your mathematics course evaluated for an exemption of MAT 1339 or MAT 1739, please submit an official description of your mathematics course to your faculty or school as soon as possible. Based on the evaluation of this course, you may receive an exemption for MAT 1339 or MAT 1739.
  • BIO 1109 Principles of Biology (equivalent to Biology 4U)
    • This course cannot count as part of the required units in your program.
  • MAT 1318 Functions (equivalent to Advanced Functions 4U) and MAT 1339 Introduction to Calculus and Vectors (equivalent to Calculus and Vectors 4U)
    • These courses cannot count as part of the required units in your program.

Spring-summer enrolment

Fall and winter enrolment

  • You can register for biology or mathematics courses in the Enrol application in uoZone on your assigned enrolment date.

Make-up courses in Chemistry and physics

Make-up courses in chemistry and physics combine the content of your missing prerequisite course and university-level material. An extra 90-minute lecture is added to the regular course CHM 1311/1711 or PHY 1321/1721 to allow you to cover the high school material. These courses are credited in your program requirements.

  • CHM 1301 Principles of Chemistry (equivalent to the combination of Chemistry 4U and CHM 1711/CHM 1311)
  • PHY 1331 Principles of Physics I (equivalent to the combination of Physics 4U and PHY 1721/PHY 1321)

Fall enrolment only

  • You can register for chemistry and physics courses in the Enrol application in uoZone on your assigned enrolment date.
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