Potential occupations

Universities studies lead to multiple occupations. Furthermore, certain professions require talent, special aptitudes, additional skills and experience beyond degrees themselves. By targeting a profession, it can make decisions easier during your schooling, throughout your job search and, finally, when choosing among job offers. The choices can change over time based on academic, personal, and professional paths and on the knowledge of occupations and of the labour market.

 In order to list your choices, visit the Job Bank Canada website and, using the National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes, view job postings, wages, employment prospects and other important information that can help you make a decision. If need be, additional and complementary information can be found via two online career exploration tools (Careercruising and Choices Planner)* also designed to facilitate your career advancement. The occupations found below are examples derived from the National Occupational Classification.

Occupations related to this program

Police officers (except commissioned)

  • Community police officer
  • Crime prevention constable
  • Detective police
  • Investigator police
  • Peace officer
  • Police officer
  • School liaison officer - police
  • Security officer

Correctional service officers

  • Correctional facility guard
  • Correctional officer
  • Detention attendant
  • Penitentiary guard
  • Reformatory warden
  • Supervisor, correctional officers

Commissioned police officer

  • Chief of police
  • Police captain
  • Police superintendent
  • Staff inspector

Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety

  • Enforcement officer environmental health
  • Environmental officer
  • Environmental health inspector supervisor

Probation and parole officers and related occupations

  • Classification counsellor corrections
  • Clemency officer - corrections
  • Clinical counsellor
  • Community reintergration worker
  • Correctional case officer
  • Correctional program officer
  • Probation and parole officer
  • Youth worker - corrections

Social and community service workers

  • Caseworker in restorative justice
  • Child and youth worker
  • Community development worker
  • Crime prevention worker
  • Crisis intervention worker
  • Front line worker
  • Human relations officer
  • Victim service worker

Immigration and border services officers

  • Border services officer
  • Customs investigator
  • Immigration officer
  • Intelligence analyst

Managers and clinical supervisors of probation and parole officers and related occupations

  • Classification counsellor – corrections
  • Clemency officer - corrections
  • Correctional case officer
  • Probation and parole officer
  • Restorative justice coordinator
  • Social assistance program officer – corrections
  • Youth worker - corrections

Manager in social, community and correctional services

  • Community residential center and correctional facility director
  • Counselling services manager
  • Correctional center warden
  • Correctional treatment and training director
  • Crime prevention program manager
  • Family resources director
  • Victim services director
  • Women’s center manager
  • Young offender services director

Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers

  • Child welfare policy analyst
  • Community policing program consultant
  • Correctional policy consultant
  • Correction rehabilitation program co-ordinator
  • Family violence prevention program adviser
  • Human rights officer
  • Social policy advisor

College and other vocational instructors

  • College lecturer
  • CEGEP teacher
  • Law enforcement teacher
  • Police instructor

Post-secondary teaching and research assistants

  • Discussion group leader – post-secondary teaching assistance
  • Post-secondary research assistant
  • Post-secondary teaching assistant
  • Tutor – post-secondary teaching assistant

Government managers in health and social policy development and program administration

  • Administrator, social programs –government services
  • Director, protection services – government services
  • Social programs development chief – government services

Senior government managers and officials

  • Chair person, Human Rights Commission
  • Director general – government services
  • Executive director – government services

Volunteer opportunities

In addition to providing an opportunity to apply theories and knowledge learned during your university studies outside the classroom, in real world situations, volunteering is a way to help the community and its many organizations. The Community Service Learning also allows students to contribute to their community by participating in projects that are related to their program of study.

Potential employers

The following examples of employers can offer internships or employment opportunities related to students program of studies. The examples are presented according to geographic location: Ottawa and Gatineau, Ontario, Quebec and other provinces. 

  • Canadian Air Transport Security Authority - CATSA
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service - CSIS
  • Community Residential Centers of the Outaouais
  • Correctional Service of Canada - CSC
  • Department of Justice
  • Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa
  • Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
  • National Defence and the Canadian Forces - DND
  • Ontario Halfway House Association - OHHA
  • Parole Board of Canada
  • Persons Against the Crime of Trafficking on Humans - PACT
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police - RCMP
  • Forensic Investigations Canada
  • Halton Regional Police Service
  • Intercon Security
  • Interval House
  • John Howard Society of Ontario
  • Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
  • Niagara Regional Police Service
  • Pardon Services Canada
  • Ontario Provincial Police - OPP
  • Peel Regional Police
  • Timmins Police Service
  • Toronto Police Service
  • Waterloo Regional Police
  • Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse
  • Conseil de la justice administrative
  • International Centre for the Prevention of Crime - ICPC
  • Ministère de la Justice
  • Ministère de la sécurité publique du Québec
  • Sureté du Québec
  • Accessible Housing Society
  • AltaLink
  • British Columbia Public Service
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Churchill Health Centre
  • Closer to Home Community Services
  • Delta Police Department
  • Fort McMurray
  • Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
  • Winnipeg Police Service
  • Center for Victims of Torture - CVT
  • International Alert - IA
  • International Criminal Court - ICC
  • International Narcotics Control Board - INCB
  • Survivors of Incest Anonymous - SIA
  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - UNODC
  • American Society of Criminology
  • Coalition on Human Needs
  • Customs and Borders Protection - CBP
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • New York Police Department - NYPD
  • British Society of Criminology
  • European Centre for Minority Issues - ECMI
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • European Institute
  • European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction - EMCDDA
  • European Parliament
  • European Society of Criminology - ESC
  • Scottish Social Services Council
  • The Bar Council

Professional organizations

Examples of professional organizations, presented by location, provide essential information on professional development opportunities and networking activities, the examples can also provide access to publications and job opportunities.

  • Association des services de réhabilitation sociale du Québec - ASRSQ
  • Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Canadian Associations of Police Boards
  • Canadian Criminal Justice Association - CCJA
  • Canadian Council on International Law - CCLI
  • Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences - CFHSS
  • Canadian Police Association
  • Criminal Lawyers' Association 
  • Fédération des policiers et policières municipaux du Québec
  • Fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal
  • Ontario Provincial Police Association - OPP
  • Police Sector Council - PSC
  • Société de criminologie du Québec - SCQ
  • American Society of Criminology - ASC
  • British Society of Criminology 
  • International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology -IASSIST
  • International Association of Correctional Training Personnel - IACTP
  • International Association of Crime Analysts
  • International Corrections and Prisons Association - ICPA
  • International Society for Criminology

Date modified: 2023-09-11