Social Enterprises: What you need to know to participate


SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT is a pilot initiative of the University of Ottawa implemented in collaboration with two networks —the Centre for Social Enterprise Development and the Coopérative de développement régional Outaouais-Laurentides/Pôle d’économie sociale Outaouais. During the fall 2022 and winter 2023 semesters, it will support over 25 social enterprises in the Ottawa-Gatineau region through group projects. The initiative aims to allow groups of students to obtain concrete experience by carrying out projects or mandates for social enterprises.

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  • Get free support from a group of motivated students (supported by their professor) to address a strategic need or organizational challenge (equivalent to 150-180 hours of work).
  • Raise awareness about your social enterprise and motivate a new generation of social leaders.
  • Gain visibility at the local and national level.
  • Be a community co-educator, giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills.
  • Position your enterprise as an employer of choice for future workers.
  • Students are in their third or fourth year of a bachelor's or master's degree at the Telfer School of Management and the Faculty of Arts (communication, environmental studies, and translation programs).
  • Students from vulnerable or marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to participate.
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Communications plan or products
  • Environmental analysis
  • Translation of website or documents
  • Literature review
  • Groups of 5 to 6 students (supported by a professor) in selected courses will be paired with a social enterprise to address a specific need or challenge they are facing.
  • Student projects will be defined with social enterprises and be related to disciplines such as digital marketing, external and internal communication, environmental analysis, translation.
  • Each student will dedicate 30 or more hours, which will correspond to 150 to 180 hours invested over the course of a semester for each student project.
  • Partner networks will facilitate an orientation session for participating students on the social enterprises’ ecosystem, before the student groups embark on their respective assignments.
  • Participating social enterprises, students and professors will be invited to attend an event at the end of the winter 2023 semester to celebrate the outcomes and foster networking.
  • Interested social enterprises can apply by completing an expression of interest.
  • Our team will then communicate with you to match your social enterprise with a course.
  • Next, you will attend a scoping meeting with the professor and our team to clarify your support needs or challenges and define the deliverables and timeline.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Partner Networks

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Centre for Social Enterprise Development

CDR Outaouais Laurentides

Coopérative de développement régional Outaouais-Laurentides