Looking for a bright, motivated student to help on your projects? Look no further than uOttawa co-op students!

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The University of Ottawa is home to the fifth largest co-op program in Canada. We are your best source of bilingual talent in the country. We provide a cost-effective way to hire motivated, qualified employees to assist you during peak periods or for special projects. Mentor a student and unleash the potential of the next generation!

Co-op students



Co-operative education is a three-way partnership between the University, students and employers. Students apply their classroom knowledge to a series of four-month work experiences. You enhance someone's education, while reaping the unique benefits of co-op employment.

The average co-op student GPA is nearly 80%
The co-op program is optional, and students are admitted according to academic achievement. They are closely monitored throughout the academic and work terms, thereby ensuring our employers benefit from the best quality students. You may choose from French-speaking, English-speaking and bilingual students.

Students available all year round
In general, students begin their first work term after completing two years of study. They are available for four-month terms starting in January, May and September. If necessary, you can post 8- or 12-month jobs in certain programs. The hiring process begins four months prior to the start of the work term.

What's in it for you?

  • Gain year-round access to well-motivated, qualified employees.
  • Evaluate potential full-time staff in a controlled environment, reducing your costs and risks.
  • Have access to a cost-effective source of temporary employees for peak periods or special projects.
  • Gain input into what students learn.
  • Promote your organization as one that's interested in developing the potential of young people.
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Sarah Paquet Portrait

“The university is a great local source of bilingual talent. It is our responsibility, as proud alumni, to support students as they begin this important step towards their career.”

Sarah Paquet

— Director / Chief Executive Officer FINTRAC and Deputy Minister University Champion for uOttawa

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