During the continuous hiring process, jobs get matched on an ongoing basis until all students are matched. You can begin the process at your convenience!

Participate in our continuous hiring process


  • Access our online tool: you have access to the COOP Navigator to post jobs, send your interview requests and submit your ranking.
  • Get resources: we organize all interviews for you and handle all communication with students.
  • Easy and quick hiring process: Once you’ve completed your interviews and made your offers, you can expect a response within 48 hours.


This process has no specific timeline to follow and continues until all students are matched.

  • January to May for the Summer term;
  • May to August for the Fall term;
  • September to December for the Winter term.
Student interviewing on a tablet

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  • Focus on your strengths 
  • Describe your team and what you do to build team spirit 
  • Provide concrete examples on how the student will have the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to your team
  • Specify the salary or a reasonable salary range 
  • Mentorship or Training opportunities 
  • Equipment provided 
  • Other perks the students may have access to (free parking, gym on site, etc.) 
  • Flexibility in work model (hybrid, remote, in-person) or in work schedules
  • Specify the office location and if there is access to public transportation 
  • Mention if your organization promotes values of equity, diversity and inclusion 
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  • Provide a job description that is too vague
  • Provide a long job description (not suitable for the mobile app)
  • Ask for mandatory assets that are too specific
  • Ask for a multitude of documents to be provided by candidates when they apply to your poster 
  • Write one description for multiple positions where different skillsets are required  

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Interested in hiring?
Contact our team or advertise your job by posting a description on our CO-OP Navigator.

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