Our first round process follows specific dates, three times a year. Go through a University organized hiring period and meet with a large pool of CO-OP students. Choose them, interview them, rank them and get student(s) matched to your position.

Participate in our rank and match process

  • Meet with a large pool of students: your job is visible to students participating in placement, which is our most popular process. 
  • Access our online tool: you have access to the COOP Navigator to post jobs, send your interview requests and submit your ranking.
  • Get resources: we organize all interviews for you and handle all communication with students.

There is a specific timeline and firm dates to follow. 

  • in January for the Summer term;
  • in May for the Fall term;
  • in September for the Winter term.
Student and employer interviewing

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  • Focus on your strengths 

  • Describe your team and what you do to build team spirit 

  • Provide concrete examples on how the student will have the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to your team

  • Specify the salary or a reasonable salary range 

  • Mentorship or Training opportunities 

  • Equipment provided 

  • Other perks the students may have access to (free parking, gym on site, etc.) 

  • Flexibility in work model (hybrid, remote, in-person) or in work schedules

  • Specify the office location and if there is access to public transportation 

  • Mention if your organization promotes values of equity, diversity and inclusion 

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  • Provide a job description that is too vague

  • Provide a long job description (not suitable for the mobile app)

  • Ask for mandatory assets that are too specific

  • Ask for a multitude of documents to be provided by candidates when they apply to your poster 

  • Write one description for multiple positions where different skillsets are required  

Matching process

The first-round process does not guarantee a match. If you do not get a match in the first round, we will automatically repost the job in the second-round process
More information on our second round hiring process

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Interested in hiring?
Contact our team or advertise your job by posting a description on our COOP Navigator.

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