Follow these steps to post a new job or repost an existing job on the COOP Navigator.

Posting a new job

Step 1: Once in the Navigator, hover over the “Jobs” tab and select New Job.

Step 2: In the “Job Summary” section, complete the following fields:

a. Job Open for Term (select the applicable work term using the list)
b. Number of Positions
c. English and French titles

Step 3: In the “Details” section, complete the following fields:

a. Duration (months)
b. Work Model
c. Job Description (French and/or English job description)

Step 4: In the “Contacts” section, add the email address for any contact you wish to receive communication regarding this job posting.

Step 5: In the “Job Qualifications” section, complete the following fields: 
a. Job Language
b. Security Clearance (if applicable)
c. Job Requirements (choose all that apply)
d. Preferred Program of Studies

Step 6: When you’ve completed all the applicable fields, select Submit in the “Dates” section.

Step 7: The page will then refresh with this confirmation message: “Your job has been successfully submitted.”

Step 8: Ensure that the default address for this position is correct and make any necessary changes using the Modify option.

Step 9: Once your CO-OP program coordinator has approved your request, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Note that depending on when the job is being posted, there might be a significant delay. 

Reposting a job

Step 1: Once in the Navigator, hover over the “Jobs” tab and select Search

Step 2: From the list, select the term in which the job was originally posted and then the Search button. 

Step 3: Under the “Job No.” column, find the desired job and select the job number.

Step 4: In the “Options” menu, select Repost Job

Image of the COOP Navigator - Jobs

Step 5: The page will refresh. Complete the mandatory fields using the list:

a. New Term
b. Number of Positions

Step 6: In the “Options” menu, select Repost.

Step 7: In the section “Posting a new job”, follow steps 2 to 9. 

Image of the COOP Navigator - Repost Jobs