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Transcripts and academic documents

Do you need a transcript, proof of studies, or copy of your diploma? Here's what you need to know.

Issuing official documents

Official documents are only issued to students in good financial standing at the University of Ottawa.

In accordance with PCI Security Standards Council policy, the University of Ottawa does not accept any official document requests by email as credit card numbers cannot be sent through this medium. Requests can be made through uoZone, in person, by fax or by regular mail.

Third-party authorization

Normally, only you, the student, can request copies of your official documents or come and pick them up at InfoService after ordering them online. However, you can authorize a third party to obtain copies of your documents by filling out the Third-Party Authorization Form to Release Student Information (PDF, 613 KB). The form must be sent to [email protected] from your email account or dropped off in person at InfoService (Tabaret Hall, Room 129). Third Party Authorization Forms submitted directly by a third party are not accepted.

Changing your name

The University of Ottawa recognizes that students, alumni, professors and staff have the right to use a “preferred name” to identify themselves, and that this should be reflected wherever possible in the University’s communications, official records, administrative systems and classrooms. Find information on the University’s use of your primary and preferred names and on the procedure for changing one or the other.

How to order

I want a transcript

I want proof of my studies or a letter

I want a syllabus or course description

I want a copy of my diploma

Shipping and handling for paper documents

Once you have submitted your order, no changes or refunds are possible. Additional fees may apply depending on the method of delivery. We do not deliver diplomas to postal boxes.

  • Regular mail: no shipping fee
  • Express delivery: $25.94 within Canada, $44.86 abroad
  • Document orders may take more time at the following peak periods: May/June, September and January.
  • Student Affairs is not responsible for lost documents or late delivery by courier or Canada Post.

What is MyCreds™

The University of Ottawa adopted a Canadian digital credential platform called MyCreds™ to issue certain academic documents electronically. MyCreds™ allows you to quickly and easily request and send your transcripts and credentials to third parties, such as academic institutions, employers, government offices, anywhere and at anytime.

All documents shared via MyCredsTM are considered as coming directly from the University of Ottawa.

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Frequently asked questions

We have a wealth of information to help you navigate the MyCreds™ network, including how-to videos and support in case you run into technical difficulties, as well as an extensive list of frequently asked questions.
For more information, visit the MyCreds™ FAQ page.

Payment via MyCreds™

To share your digital transcript or digital enrolment verification document, for example, with educational institutions or employers, you must purchase share credits directly through your MyCreds™ account. Note: You don’t need to purchase share credits for digital diplomas. For more details, see “I want a copy of my diploma.”

For digital transcripts and digital enrolment verification documents, you don’t pay for the document itself —you pay for the number of times you send or share it.

For example, if you want to apply to a graduate program at another university and also want to apply for a job at a company that requires proof of graduation, you’ll need a transcript for each application. So you’ll have to purchase two share credits.

After purchasing share credits through your MyCreds™ account, you’ll be able to view how many share credits you have left and how many you’ve used. You can purchase additional share credits at any time. Please note that opening your document to view it doesn’t use up your share credits.

For all purchases made within MyCreds™ you must provide your residential address and the billing address associated with your payment card, to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Your billing address’s postal code must match the postal code associated with your payment card. Otherwise, your payment will be rejected.

For these online transactions, you can use any card accepted by Stripe, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. To process a payment through Stripe, you must enter the CVC number, which appears on the back of your card.

Important – Share credits purchased on MyCreds™ are final. There are no refunds.

About MyCreds™

The University of Ottawa is excited to partner with MyCreds™ | MesCertifMC.  Powered by Dignitary, MyCreds™ is a leading digital credential platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials. It is owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). It is a national credential wallet for post-secondary learners that was created by Canadian higher education leaders.

Why did uOttawa join the MyCreds™ network?

Joining this network offers many benefits to uOttawa students and graduates. They will gain not only better control over who the documents are shared with, but also they can be sure that documents issued through the network are authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid. Additionally, MyCreds™ eliminates the time universities spend processing a request and mailing it out, or sending it by courier if urgent, and also reduces the risk of losing documents. Moreover, students and graduates have 24/7 access to their documents once they’ve been issued.