If you are a University of Ottawa student enrolled in an undergraduate engineering program and would like to take courses at Carleton University, you can do so through the exchange agreement with Carleton University.

uOttawa students interested to take courses at the Carleton University

The University of Ottawa-Carleton University exchange program is a credit transfer program that allows University of Ottawa students to take courses at Carleton University and vice-versa. Unlike with courses you take at another university through a letter of permission, you receive a letter grade for courses completed at Carleton, which counts towards your cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

These eligibility criteria are for undergraduate students. 

To be eligible for the Carleton University exchange program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted to a program of studies at the University of Ottawa;
  • Be enrolled at the University of Ottawa for the term during which the exchange will occur;
  • Be in good academic standing;
  • Have your faculty’s or school’s approval;

In addition, you can only register for a course at Carleton University if

  • this course is mandatory for your program and it meets University of Ottawa degree requirements
  • this course is not available at the University of Ottawa and taking the course at Carleton would allow you to complete your program requirements during the current academic year
  • an equivalent course is not available at the University of Ottawa during the same academic year or the course is full
  • you have passed any prerequisite courses

Courses completed at Carleton University do not count toward residence requirements at the University of Ottawa. In addition, you cannot request to audit undergraduate courses through the exchange agreement.

Check the Carleton University class schedule to know when the Carleton course is offered. Then, before your first class, check your timetable online through Carleton Central to be sure that you have the most up to date information about your course.

When you submit the form, it will automatically go to us for review. If your request is accepted, we will sign the form and return it to you via your @uOttawa.ca email address. Allow 20 business days for this review to take place. Note that approval does not guarantee access to a course.

Once your form is signed, you must get it approved by the registrar’s office at Carleton. To do so, using your @uOttawa.ca email, send your form to [email protected].

We also recommend you send an unofficial copy of your transcript at this time as most departments will require it to prove you have the prerequisites. To obtain a copy, log into uoZone and under the Applications tab, select Unofficial transcript. Carleton may also ask you to meet other registration requirements.

If your registration is approved, Carleton will sign your form and send it back to you.

Once you get your form signed by Carleton University, email it to InfoService at [email protected] to finalize your registration. You must do this by the Carleton registration deadlines. At this point, you must also pay the required fees.

Important: If you wish to add another course for the same term once you’ve submitted the original request, just fill out another application form.

To withdraw from a course or cancel your enrolment at Carleton, fill out the application form. In the “Courses” section, under “Type of request,” select “Course(s) drop” and enter the course information. The form will be automatically sent to us and we will send it back to you filled. 

Once you receive it, email it to Carleton University ([email protected]) by the Carleton registration deadlines, not those at uOttawa.

Carleton students interested to take courses at the University of Ottawa

In order to participate in this exchange program, Carleton students must first:

  1. Contact their Registrar's Office ([email protected]) to fill out the Carleton University Undergraduate Exchange Approval Form* and have the desired courses approved before submitting your enrolment request to the University of Ottawa.
  2. If you have never studied (or applied) at the University of Ottawa, you must first fill out the personal identification form available on the uOttawa's Registrar's Office website. Once you have submitted the form, the University of Ottawa’s Registrar's Office will get in touch with information regarding your new uOttawa student account.
    • If you already have a uOttawa student number, please proceed to step 3.
  3. After receiving your uOttawa student number, please fill out and submit the Special Student Enrolment form along with your Carleton University Undergraduate Exchange Approval Form to [email protected] before the uOttawa enrolment deadline of the term.
  4. Once you have successfully enrolled into the course(s) at the University of Ottawa, we will let you know by email and return a signed copy of your Carleton University Undergraduate Exchange Approval Form. From there, it will be your responsibility to inform Carleton University to complete the enrolment process there also.

*Please note that this form approves participation in the exchange program but does not guarantee access to the requested course(s). Access is based on eligibility (prerequisites) and space in the course.

For more information, please contact [email protected].