Through organized reunions and anniversary events, alumni classes have the opportunity to give back to the Faculty of Medicine through the creation of a class gift fund.

These funds go towards continuing the mandate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa as a world leader in teaching and research. Class contributions assist with expanding educational programming, advancing clinical research, and supporting students with financial difficulties. Over the years, alumni class gifts have created scholarships within the Faculty of Medicine, including:

MD Class of 1964 Scholarship

They say the first step is always the most difficult, but the MD Class of 1964 had no trouble leaping forward and taking it. This group of trailblazers was the first class from the Faculty of Medicine to start a class giving initiative and it is from their example that many other classes found the inspiration to get involved and develop the philanthropic spirit of the Faculty. Since they started the project, the Class of 1964 has shown steadfast commitment to the cause by raising over $90,000. Furthermore, this dynamic group of individuals plans to reinforce and continue their contribution by setting a new goal for the celebration of their 50th anniversary.

The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to University of Ottawa medical students who qualify under the terms establishes by the Ontario Trust Student Support.

Dr. Jean-Jacques Bergevin Family Physician Scholarship for Students in the French Stream 

Some people are able to touch the lives of many, and Dr. Bergevin was one of them. Loved dearly by his family, friends, and his community, he devoted his life to helping others as a family doctor practicing in rural areas. After his passing, his family and friends came together to create a scholarship that would ensure that his memory and spirit could continue to help others. Today, the Dr. Jean-Jacques Bergevin Family Physician Scholarship aims to support a student in the Faculty’s Undergraduate Medical Education Francophone stream studying pediatric medicine.

The purpose of the fund is to award a scholarship to deserving Francophone student in the MD program at the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.

Donald Potvin Memorial Fund

Dr. Donald Potvin personified the goal of medicine: to help and improve the lives of others. Throughout his life, he played an extremely proactive role at the University of Ottawa by getting involved in all aspects of student life including student affairs, sports, and the MD Program’s annual student-run fundraiser MedShow. He also captured the philanthropic spirit of medicine by inspiring and participating in a variety of charitable events and class ventures. The graduating class of 1983 decided to honour his memory in 2003, when the doctor passed away. Two of Dr. Potvin’s friends, Dr. Beanlands and Dr. Bonisteel, initiated the fund that would be named after their late classmate and many graduates, having been touched in some way by the late Dr. Potvin, continue to give monthly donations to this fund.

The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to University of Ottawa medical students who qualify under the terms established by the Ontario Trust Student Support Fund.

Class of 2001 Faculty of Medicine Grad Action Trust Fund

The Class of 2001 does not waste time. Right after their graduation, the class decided to take action and start to fundraise. Without a specific project in mind, they were guided simply by their will to help.  After having started their fundraising, the group decided that the money should help the University offer future medical students the same opportunities and advantages they experienced during their own time at the Faculty of Medicine. The funds were directed to the Aesculapian Society, a medical student association at the Faculty whose objective is to offer medical students the best experience possible as they train to become future doctors. The class just met for their 10th reunion and many graduates continue to generously give monthly donations.

The purpose of the fund is to improve the quality of life and education for MD students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Class of 2002 Uttam Sungkur Memorial Scholarship

The Class of 2002 Uttam Sungkur Memorial Scholarship is a shining example of how a group of students can come together to make a positive impact. This scholarship was started in memory of Uttam Sungkur, an engaged and active student who never got the chance to finish medical school but whose memory inspired an entire class to help future medical students do what their friend could not.

The Faculty of Medicine Class of 2002 took the initiative to start this fund the very year of their graduation and, through their enthusiasm and generosity, have made this project a huge success. After initially setting a goal of $40,000, they surpassed their own expectations and celebrated their 10th graduation anniversary having raised a total of $43,000.

The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to third-year University of Ottawa medical students who demonstrate an enthusiasm for athletic endeavours in their daily life.

If you and your classmates would like to give on behalf of your graduating class, please contact:
Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships Office, Faculty of Medicine
Tel: 613-562-5800 ext. 2262
Email: [email protected]