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Your ambition and determination deserve recognition and support. That's why we are thrilled to inform you that the application period for the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) scholarships for the current academic year is now open!

Scholarships not only recognize your efforts and achievements but also offer valuable financial support that can help you focus more on your studies and research.

FSS Scholarships—Undergraduate:

  • Caroline Andrew Scholarship Fund — $1,500
  • Bob Gaucher Scholarship — $1,000
  • Carlo Dade and Savera Hayat-Dade International Mobility Scholarship — $1,000
  • Faculty of Social Sciences Scholarship for Mental Health — Min. $1,000
  • Irene Sotiroff Scholarship — $1,500
  • Robert and Marie Génier Scholarship for Indigenous Students — Min. $1,000
  • Robert G. Farquharson Scholarship — $1,000

FSS Scholarships—Graduate:

  • Joanne and Marc Villemaire Scholarship — Min. $1,000
  • RIFAS Scholarship — Variable Amount
  • Roland Lecomte Scholarship — Variable Amount
  • Ross Hastings Memorial Scholarship — $3,500

Application deadline: February 28.

Don't miss this golden opportunity! To apply, visit uoZone today. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Check out the complete list of available scholarship.