18 top finds for students at the Free Store

Posted on Friday, June 1, 2018

Lila Ibrahim is happy with the two vinyl records she found at the Free Store.

Lila Ibrahim, as a coordinator for the Free Store and organizer of the Dump and Run, got first dibs on a couple of vinyl albums. Check out our list of 17 other top treasures that students left behind. Photo: Mike Foster.

By Mike Foster

Are you a student looking for the ultimate collector’s item or conversation piece? Perhaps you’re trying to save those hard-earned, summer-job dollars? The uOttawa Free Store, now open Wednesday’s throughout the summer, is worth a visit.

Over the past month, a dedicated team of volunteers has been sorting through items left behind by students during the seasonal exodus from uOttawa’s 11 residences. Every year, student volunteers organized by the Office of Campus Sustainability sweep through residences, collecting food, clothes, kitchen stuff and cleaning products. It’s a huge effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, saving waste from ending up in landfill sites. Last year, student volunteers donated 1,586kg of food, clothes and household items to charitable organizations and put another 5,875kg of stuff on the shelves at the uOttawa Free Store.

Lila Ibrahim, as a coordinator for the Free Store and organizer of the Dump and Run, got first dibs on a couple of vinyl albums.

“I’m a big Bernadette Peters fan! She starred in one of my favourite movies of all time – Annie! She is also featured in other films I’ve enjoyed, like Anastasia and Cinderella,” says Ibrahim. “The other record I snatched was Billy Squier’s Emotions in Motion album. I didn’t know who he was until I found the record. What caught my eye was his last name is similar to my boyfriend’s name. Both albums are great.”

Here’s a selection of some of the surprising and quirky finds that are on offer for free when the uOttawa Free Store re-opens (that is, if volunteers haven’t claimed them first) on Wednesdays, starting on June 6.

1. Pokemon Gone. Now you can slip into these Pika-shoes.

Pokemon Pikachu slippers

2. Dough! I forgot the breadmaker!

A bread maker.

3. Expensive trip: Previous owner flew the coop on this pricey Canada Goose parka.

A Canada Goose parka.

4. Bun on the run: How’s this for a fast fashion Halloween costume?

Woman wearing a hamburger costume.

5. You forgot Frosty! Seemed like a good idea during Winterlude.

Snow globe with a snowman inside.

6. Twist the night away. Yoga is so 2017.

The board game Twister.

7. Cool kitty. Listen to some tunes next time you’re out on the prowl.

Headphones with kitten ears on the headband.

8. The truth is out there. But in the Free Store you can find this alien model kit.

A model kit of an extraterrestrial with wide eyes.

9. Serenade the moon in June: Trendy ukulele seeks new home.

A ukulele.

10. A gift for grandma. Glass flower-petal vase, blooming marvellous!

A glass, flower-petal vase with junk piled up in the background.

11. Paisley pack with rosy cheeks seeks new back for long walks.

A canvass back pack.

12. Stylish salad bowl gets tossed.

A wooden salad bowl with two spoons and a roll of paper towels.

13. Gamer gear. PlayStation controllers for procrastination.

PlayStation controllers, games and wires.

14. Fun and games from afar. Jenga’s not junk.

A packaged Jenga game with Chinese writing on it.

15. Globetrotter couldn’t take the world with them.

A student holding a globe of the world.

16. Fashion accessories galore.

A necklace of miniature eyeglasses on a Street Fighter T-Shirt.

17. Your guess is as good as mine?

A wooden contraption with a volume knob.


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