Financial literacy through straight talk and humour

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2016

Two men joking around, one with his arm around the other and one hanging onto his hat.

Alumnus Shaun Lynda (left) and friend Arlington Forbes present Two Black Guys with Good Credit, an entertaining and educational podcast about making, managing and protecting your money. They will record an episode on campus, on September 19. Photo: Financially CLEAN.

By Linda Scales

Learning about financial literacy is always entertaining and inspiring on Two Black Guys with Good Credit, a podcast about two black Canadians living in the U.S., both with successful business backgrounds and financial savvy.

The two guys are co-hosts Shaun Lynda (BCom ’96) and Arlington Forbes, and they’re coming to town. They’ll record an episode of their TBGWGC podcast with the University of Ottawa community on Monday, September 19. Lynda and Forbes will discuss how students can make the most of their education and create financial opportunities that ignite their financial futures.

Many students arrive at university clueless about how to manage money. Financial decisions are added to the many responsibilities that already preoccupy them, and making uninformed decisions can lead to bad fiscal habits. The Faculty of Social Sciences is attempting to remedy this by sponsoring the podcast event (open to all) and a >four-week financial literacy program (Social Science students only).

Lynda is the co-founder of Financially CLEAN, a non-profit financial literacy program designed to help youth develop financial discipline.

“I created Two Black Guys with Good Credit to provide an educational platform about finances that is also entertaining,” he writes on his website. “We believe the earlier we can ingrain these smart fiscal habits into our youth, the higher chance they will make it a permanent lifestyle and achieve their life goals.”

Lynda, who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and happened to be in the World Trade Centre on 9/11 when the first plane hit, once worked on Wall Street and now flips real estate and runs an online business, in addition to his financial coaching work. While studying marketing at uOttawa at night, he worked as a bank teller by day. His co-host and friend, Forbes, is an entrepreneur who moved to New York to work in television, eventually starting his own production company. He later changed careers and opened Canvas Boutique and Contemporary Art Gallery in Malibu, California.

Other free TBGWGC podcasts look at wants versus needs (Episode 2), “Trumponomics” (Episode 5) and your relationship with money (Episode 10).

“Our goal is to have weekly topics to help you achieve maximum success!” says Lynda. “And, hey, if that does not happen, simply allow the show to make you laugh or smile, because humour is just good for the soul.”

Attendance for the podcast taping is limited, so register soon.

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