JEDI in Residence: Elizabeth Ogunrinola is making uOttawa a more equitable and inclusive place.

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

From left to right : Elizabeth Ogunrinola and Josiane N’Tchoreret-Mbiamany

Black History Month is more than just an opportunity for the University to celebrate Black achievement on campus; it is a time to reflect and listen to the voices of uOttawa’s many Black communities. It is an opportunity to consider uOttawa’s complicity in systemic anti-Black racism over its 175-year history. Most importantly, it is a chance to consider how we can all work together to make the campus a place where everyone feels welcomed and can thrive.  

Josiane N'Tchoreret-Mbiamany met with Elizabeth to discuss her work and her hopes for a more equitable future at uOttawa. Listen to them talk about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The full interview will be published soon.



Elizabeth Ogunrinola is lead coordinator of residence safety at uOttawa. She works with the newly formed Residence Safety Team to develop conduct and safety policies in residence, and is leading the development of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) training for Residence Life. She also was a member of the President’s task force on antiracism, where she worked to turn classrooms into more inclusive and welcoming spaces for uOttawa’s increasingly diverse student body. By engaging with students, faculty, staff members and the administration, Elizabeth has been, and continues to be, a force for positive change on campus. 

Josiane N'Tchoreret-Mbiamany is president of the Communication Student Association and an assistant content creator for External Relations. 

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