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light therapy lamp
Winter is approaching! Borrow a light therapy lamp and brighten your day. Lamps are available to borrow from the service desks at: Morisset Library, Brian Dickson Law Library, Roger Guindon Health Sciences Library.

Light therapy lamps are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Search for 'light therapy lamp' in Omni to check their availability. The lamps can be borrowed for seven days and can be renewed once. They will be available year-round but are most effective during the fall and winter seasons.

What are light therapy lamps?

A light therapy lamp is a tool to use when one feels fatigued or experiences seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the fall and winter seasons. Due to the lack of sun during those seasons, the light therapy lamp replaces and enhances sunlight time.

For more information about light therapy: 

How to use the lamp: 

Set the lamp approximately 18 inches (46 cm) from your face, preferably in a parallel position from your eyesight since you should not be looking straight at the light.

If this is your first time using a light therapy lamp, we advise you to try it for a limit of 10 minutes, placed 18 inches (46 cm) away from your face, on the lowest setting. If after 10 minutes you are feeling uneasy or have any other side effects, immediately stop using the lamp and contact a health care professional. 

If you do not have any issues after the recommended 10 minutes trial, you can use the lamp 20 minutes to an hour per day and adjust the amount of time and brightness.

Warning: Please take precautions with this lamp. The University of Ottawa Library is not responsible for any injuries, health concerns and other side effects.

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