Employee Giving


Michel Prévost has a long history with the University of Ottawa, one that dates back to his first days as a student at the Faculty of Arts in 1975. When he graduated, he began working at the University of Ottawa Archives and in 1990 he became the University Chief Archivist.

Mr. Prévost was the first of his family to graduate from a post-secondary institution, so he is fully aware of the high cost of pursuing a university degree. Michel has been one of our loyal donors since 1987 and has supported a number of funds.

Given his background as an archivist and historian, Michel Prévost saw a need to increase appreciation for our regional history among the student population and to raise the profile of our regional heritage within the Department of History. To do so, in 2013 he created the Michel Prévost Bursary in Regional History.  In 2014, he was very proud to present the first such bursary.

"I give... to highlight the history of our region"

Zaina-Sophie Salibi was recently hired by External Relations at the University and immediately saw a way to honour two very close family members who had passed away from cancer. She decided to donate to a fund that helps students and researchers studying ovarian cancer to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

"I give… because a cure is waiting to be found"

These are just a few members of the University of Ottawa community who are committed to creating an environment in which students can excel throughout their programs and pursue research in a field that excites them.

All Employee Giving program donations are distributed among some 63 funds aimed at supporting students. Whether these projects take the form of scholarships or student initiatives, they all share a common goal: to advance student success.

In 2012, the Employee Giving program had a participation rate of only 16%. Since then, the program has been revitalized and we are pleased to report that nearly one-third of all employees now contribute to the program.  This shows that staff members at the University of Ottawa know they can make a real difference in the lives of students by contributing to the Employee Giving program.

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