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A Campus for the Future:

You can help us attract exceptional students, and support the teaching, research and services that take place here.

The University of Ottawa is growing quickly — we’ve doubled in size over the past 12 years. We want to ensure our more than 43,000 students have access to modern, accessible campus facilities, with state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and collaboration spaces.

Key Projects for the uOttawa Campus

An Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Centre: Help us Build Innovative Learning Environments

The Faculty of Science is currently spread among four buildings. Our vision is one where all disciplines physically converge to facilitate the process of innovation. An Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Centre that reunites all teaching spaces and administrative offices is part of our strategy for realizing this vision and engendering an unparalleled and enriching student experience.

Because the big questions in science today are too complex for just one discipline to solve, in 2016, the University of Ottawa will launch its new Ensemble Program in Integrated Science. The first bilingual program of its kind in the country, it will cover the first two years of undergraduate study and will be open to a select group of approximately 40 high school graduates with top marks and a collaborative attitude. At the end of the program, students can choose to major in any scientific discipline for the third and fourth years of their BSc. The Ensemble Program in Integrated Science needs a multidiscipline classroom to address the challenges and teachings of all disciplines combined.

Expansion of Colonel By Hall: Expanding Instruction and Experimentation Spaces

With student experience being a central focus of the Faculty, and with an increasing number of engineering and computer science students choosing the University of Ottawa, the need for space is more acute than ever. This need is being addressed through plans for the addition of two floors to the existing Block E of Colonel By Hall.

The first new floor would be used to provide much needed workstations for our graduate students as well as common areas to encourage meetings and discussions, and a specific room for their thesis defences — additions that would all contribute to their student experience.

The second new floor would be dedicated to the Brunsfield Engineering Student Projects and Entrepreneurship Centre. Moving the Centre to the main Faculty of Engineering building would greatly benefit students, easing access to it. The floor dedicated to student projects would provide a much larger room enabling the accommodation of more students at once. The hiring of full-time staff to manage the Centre and mentor students would also then be possible.

A New Black-Box Theatre: Help the Faculty of Arts Make A Dramatic Leap

In 2017, the curtain will rise on a new theatre in downtown Ottawa.

This exciting black-box space will showcase University productions from fall to spring, and host a medley of high-profile national and international festivals during the summer. The theatre and its four rehearsal spaces represent the University’s part in a major redevelopment of the city’s Arts Court building, a vibrant cultural hub near the bustling ByWard Market.

With one of the few French-language theatre schools outside of Quebec, the University has trained a large number of the actors and artistic directors of theatre companies in minority francophone communities, making it key to the health of French-language theatre nationally.

Once the new performance and rehearsal spaces are in place, the theatre department plans to launch Ottawa’s only Bachelor of Fine Arts conservatory acting program. By putting their names on the new black-box theatre and rehearsal spaces, supporters will help launch the bilingual conservatory acting program and share in its success.

Active Living Centre: Help us Bring out the Best in All our Students

For many of our students, keeping fit and playing sports offers an outlet from the stress of university life. Our plan to build specialized training centres for our varsity teams at the new Lees Avenue sports facility will take some of the pressure off our two heavily-used fitness centres and make it easier for all our students to lead healthy and active lives.

We are also planning a new Fitness and Active Living Centre near the Minto Sports Complex on King Edward Avenue, which will greatly enhance what we can offer our students and our partners in the community. The University of Ottawa has doubled in size during the past 12 years, and now has more than 43,000 students.

The new Fitness and Active Living Centre will allow us to offer more programs and services for all our students and our community partners, as well as as keeping us competitive in training our athletes.

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