Master’s student attending Convocation

Registration to graduate

All graduating students must register in order to receive their degree. Online registration is open during three periods of the year:

  • To graduate in the spring:
    • November 14 to 24, 2017, and
    • Mid-February to March 31, 2018
  • To graduate in the fall:  Late July to September 15, 2017

If you are expected to graduate, you will receive an email to your address when online registration opens.

How to register

During one of the above periods, log into uoZone. On the Applications tab, select Apply for graduation and follow the instructions. Once you apply, you can track your graduation status in your Student Center (also available on the Applications tab in uoZone).

Note: If you’re submitting a request for a degree in a program other than the one you’re enrolled in or you missed the registration period above, you must submit a completed registration for degree and request for diploma (PDF) form to your faculty.

For more information, see the How to Apply for Graduation tutorial, under the Apply for graduation application in uoZone.

Pronouncing your name

On the registration form, indicate how the presenter should pronounce your name. To help the presenter read your name clearly, write ONLY the phonetic pronunciation of your name in the designated box (see examples of what to do and what not to do below).

You can select the language in which your name should be pronounced (English or French) from a separate list on the form.

Last name First name What to do - Phonetic full name What NOT to do
Elgharib Chantal Shantal El-ga-rib My last name is pronounced “elle-ga-rib.” Thanks!
Delorme Ian Ee-un de-lorm Pronounce my name in English
Schumacher Lukas Lookas Shoomaacher Phonetic surname: Shoomacher
Iqbal Roozanil N/A I am no longer attending convocation.
Special cases

If you don’t receive an email

If you think you will have met the requirements of your program by the end of this term and have not received an email by late February for spring convocation or August 15 for fall convocation asking you to complete the Registration for Degree and Request for Diploma form, please contact your faculty.

If you fail to meet your degree requirements

If you fail to meet your degree requirements after having submitted the Registration for degree and request for diploma (PDF), you will have to fill out a new form once you have met the requirements in order to register for the appropriate convocation. However, if you paid fees to obtain an additional copy of your diploma, they will automatically be credited to your account for the next convocation.

Rental of gowns and hoods

All candidates must wear academic gowns and hoods for the convocation ceremony. The academic regalia of all University of Ottawa degree programs include a specific gown and hood for each degree.

To ensure the best possible experience for our graduates, the University of Ottawa has retained the services of Gaspard LP. By providing a few details in advance, you’ll receive a freshly pressed gown and hood prepared especially for you on the day of the ceremony.

The fees for gown and hood rental are $44 online in advance or $64 on Convocation day.

Purchasing online in advance

The fees for gown and hood rental are $44 online in advance.

The online gown and hood rental service is available starting at 10 a.m. on Friday April 6, and running until 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday May 29, 2018. No cancellations are permitted after this date and no refunds will be given. Changes to rental orders can be made online through the Gaspard LP website prior to this date only. Sign on using your email address and the password you chose when you placed your rental.

Purchasing in person

The fees for gown and hood rental are $64 on Convocation day.

After May 29, you’ll need to rent your gown and hood in person on the day of your ceremony at the Shaw Centre. The cost is $64 (cash, Interac, Visa and MasterCard are accepted). If you plan to rent yours in person, please arrive 90 minutes prior to the start time for your ceremony.

Faculty of Medicine
If you are an undergraduate medical student, please visit the Faculty of Medicine website for information about gown and hood rental.

If you have any questions about regalia reservations, contact Gaspard LP at or 1-866-949-5703 from Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.


You will receive an original regular-size diploma (21.6 cm by 26.7 cm) free of charge at your ceremony. Unclaimed diplomas will be mailed out.

At any time after Convocation, you can order a duplicate copy or a large format diploma (43.2 cm by 35.6 cm) through uoZone (under the Applications tab, select Purchase Official Documents.

Receiving two degrees from two different faculties

If you’re going to be receiving two degrees from two different faculties, you can attend both graduation ceremonies or ask to receive both degrees at the same ceremony. In either case, both degrees will be announced. Email and indicate your preference.

Taking courses at another institution

If you’re taking courses for your degree at another institution, ask this institution to send an official transcript to your uOttawa faculty or school as soon as possible (no later than September 15 to graduate in the fall or May 15 to graduate in the spring).

Name change request
  • Make sure your personal information is correct by clicking Personal Information in uoZone. Your personal data will be displayed as it currently appears in uoCampus, the student information system. Your name on the screen (your “primary name”) is the one that appears on your official documents, such as your diploma and transcripts.
  • To change your primary name, go to InfoService and submit a Request for Name Change form, along with the supporting documents listed on the form.
  • For your name change request to be processed before your diploma is printed, you must submit your form by March 31 (to graduate in the spring), by September 15 (to graduate in the fall) or by November 24 (for those whose degree will be conferred in December)
  • If you have recently gone to InfoService to make a name change request, it may take up to two weeks before the change appears.

Guest tickets for Convocation

Guest tickets for Spring Convocation available May 30, 2018!

Guest tickets for your convocation ceremony will be available free of charge through the Gee-Gees ticketing system between 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, and 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

Every guest, including infants and children, must have a ticket. Guest tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and seating is not assigned. As a graduate, you do not need a ticket; your seat is reserved at the front of the room.

Make sure that you order all of the tickets you need during this period. Unclaimed tickets are offered to the general public 90 minutes before each ceremony (one per person while supplies last). They can be picked up in the Colonel By Foyer of the Shaw Centre (Level 1). Note that there are usually only a small number of tickets remaining at this point.

InformationInternational student

If you are an international student and need a temporary visa for any family members, email InfoService at for instructions.

Ordering your tickets

A Gee-Gees ticket account will be automatically created for you. We will email you your user name and password to your email address a few days before the site opens, with instructions on using the system.

You must order your tickets using the Gee-Gees ticket account. You cannot order tickets through any other account. Even if you already have a Gee-Gees account, you must use the user name and password we email you. If you have a Gee-Gees ticket account with your e-mail address, your password will be reset for convocation ticket purchases. We will email you the new password.

Number of guest tickets per student

To determine the number of guest tickets available per student, we need to know how many students plan to attend the ceremony. We will post the information on how many guests tickets students can order on this page two weeks prior to Convocation.

Convocation day

Before the ceremony

  • To ensure the ceremony stays on schedule, we ask that you arrive at the Shaw Centre at least 60 minutes in advance of the ceremony start time.
  • When you arrive, you will be directed in Canada Hall 303, where you will be given your personal identification ticket, your robe and your hood.
  • You will then join the procession, which will enter Canada Hall 301-302 early to allow the ceremony to begin on time.

Late arrivals: If you arrive less than 45 minutes prior to the time your Convocation ceremony starts, you may not be able to sit with the graduates receiving the same degree as you.

During the ceremony

  • You will be led to your seat in the hall by a marshal. When you hear your name and the degree being conferred, walk up the ramp, pass behind the dean, (who will be reading the names from a lectern) and follow the red carpet that leads to centre stage, where you will find the President or the Chancellor. Employees of the University of Ottawa will be there to assist you during the ceremony. You are welcome to shake hands with the President or the Chancellor (you will receive your actual diploma and any award certificates or plaques in Canada Hall 303).
  • After you have greeted the President or the Chancellor, continue across the stage to the other side where a marshal will invite you to return to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony.

You must wear your personal identification ticket at all times, both before and during the Convocation ceremony. Your ticket will be given to you when you arrive in Canada Hall 303 and then scanned. It will also be scanned before you step on stage and after you exit the stage. This will keep the convocation ceremony running smoothly.

After the ceremony

  • At the end of the ceremony, the procession will move to the foyer, where you can join your guests. You may keep your robe for 45 minutes after the conclusion of the ceremony, after which you must bring it to the robe return area to the foyer on level 1 of the Shaw Centre.
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