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Vertical and horizontal logo

The uOttawa logo can be used in three official colours, Warm Grey 9, Black and White. To maintain the cohesion of the uOttawa brand, no alternate colours or other modifications are permitted.

Vertical logo
Example of the uOttawa vertical logo
horizontal logo
Example of the uOttawa horizontal logo

Logo safe area

In order to preserve the integrity of the uOttawa logo and brand, the safe area, or "u factor," must always be respected in print products, as shown below.

The "u factor" refers to the safe area around the University of Ottawa logo, which must never be encroached upon by other visual elements or text. It ensures that the logo is never placed too close to the edge of a document. The u factor is measured using the height of the lowercase u in the uOttawa logotype and must be applied to all four sides of the logo as illustrated above.

"u" space around vertical logo
"u" space around vertical logo
"u" space around horizontal logo
"u" space around horizontal logo

Logo minimum sizes

Vertical logo size
Print: 0.75 in (1.91 cm)
Web: 72 px
Horizontal logo size
Print: 1.25 in (3.175 cm)
Web: 150 px

Looking for official uOttawa logo files?

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uOttawa faculty and staff

Logo downloads can be found on the internal virtuO site.

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External community

Download will be available soon, until then please email the brand team. 


Primary colours



PMS: 7427 C
CMYK C: 9-100-73-35
CMYK U: 7-87-61-20
HEX: 8F001A
RGB: 143-0-26


PMS: Warm Grey 9 C
CMYK: 52-51-55-9
HEX: 80746C
RGB: 128-116-108

Secondary colours

charcoal grey

Charcoal grey

PMS: Black C in a 93% Tint
CMYK: 32-31-35-80
RGB: 45-45-44


PMS: 431 C
CMYK: 63-45-34-25
HEX: 636d77
RGB: 99-109-119


PMS: 4198 C
CMYK: 55-30-46-21
HEX: 67796C
RGB: 103-121-108
Polar Grey

Polar grey

PMS: Warm Grey 1 C in a 30% Tint
CMYK: 4-3-3-0
RGB: 242-242-242
Light grey

Light grey

PMS: Warm Grey 5 C
CMYK: 32-31-35-0
RGB: 172-163-154
Cool grey

Cool grey

PMS: Cool Grey 3 C
CMYK: 8-5-7-16
RGB: 200-201-199


Web typography

The official fonts of the University of Ottawa website are Work Sans (a sans serif font) and Spectral (a Serif font). 

Dark Grey is the main web font colour. All font colours used must meet WCAG level AA accessibility standards. Ensure each font colour is used with a proper contrasting background. WebAIM is a good contrast checker. 

Print typography 

Full specifications on typographic standards for print and official documents are being updated and will be available soon. 

virtuO logo

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