Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) provides University senior management, staff and the public with analytical and management information.

About the University

  • 5,000 employees; 43,000 students; 203,344 alumni around the world
  • 10 faculties with 450 programs
  • Our grads enjoy a 97% employment rate
  • The largest French-English university in the world
  • One of Canada’s Top 10 research universities
About the university infographic

Our impact on Canada

  • We contribute more than $1.5B to Canada’s GDP every year
  • We generate more than29,500 jobs across Canada
  • Our impact is up to $7.4 billion annually
  • We are 3rd in research spending in Ontario at $32 million
  • Our research revenue is one of the highest: $232,000 per full-time professor
  • Value added education: on average our undergrads earn $56,000 annually. Grads: $69,000
Economic impact infographic

uOttawa in the National Capital Region (NCR)

  • Our NCR alumni contribute $2.3 billion to the local economy each year
  • Students coming to Ottawa spend almost $300 million in the NCR each year
  • 96,980 alumni live in the region
  • Alumni spending generates 9,250 local jobs
uOttawa in the national capital region infographic

Impact of uOttawa’s research

  • We are one of Canada’s Top 10 research universities
  • 161 research chairs
  • Our research investments contribute almost $2.6 billion to Ontario’s GDP
  • We have international research partners in every part of the world
  • We are 3rd in research spending in Ontario at $324 million
  • Social return on our research will yield up to almost $1 billion in 2015
Impact of uOttawa research infographic