The Community Protection Office is responsible for managing the lost and found items on campus.

If you lost an item

Show up at the Community Protection Office with an ID card. You will be asked to describe your lost item as well as providing the average time and place it was lost.

If you found a lost item

Please forward lost items to our Community Protection office located in room 02A of the University Center. Items can be dropped off with one of our clerks, in the office drop box or sent via intra-mail using the address below. Please identify the item with the date and location it was found. Our staff will take appropriate measures to contact the owners.

Items found at Roger-Guindon hall and Lees Campus should be sent to the respective Protection office inside the building and they will be forwarded to the Community Protection Office.

Contact us

Lost and found

University Centre
85 University Private
Room 02A
613 562-5800 ext. 4636
[email protected]

Because the Community Protection Office is run entirely by volunteer students, it may happen that the office is closed during office hours. In that case, please contact Protection Services at the number 613-562-5499 anytime.

Office hours

During regular semester periods
From Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM

During exams periods
From Monday to Friday 1PM to 3PM