Our mission is to enhance security, develop alternative modes of transportation, ensure respect for the rights of the university community and protect the assets of the University and its community.

Security Division

The Security Division is made up of four teams of security guards working shifts to ensure round-the-clock presence. Our personnel are here to provide you with maximum security on our campuses and are intent on providing the members of our university community with quality service. To respond as quickly and as efficiently as possible to the different types of emergency calls, we get around the campuses on foot, on bicycles and in hybrid vehicles.

Assistant Director: Ryan MacDonald

Operations Managers:
Olivier Cousineau
Nicholas Lavoie

Team Coordinators (Security Guards):
Martin Sauvé
Roy Fortin
Benjamin Forest
Simon Poirier
General e-mail address: [email protected]   613-562-5800 xt6651

Security systems technical support:
Call IT support at 613-562-5800 xt 6555 or open a support ticket

Office of Emergency Management

We’ve moved!

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has separated from Protection Services and is now a standalone Unit under the leadership of the University’s Emergency Manager & EOC Director, Dana Fleming.

OEM oversees the management of significant emergencies and disruptions at the University via the uO Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), as well as emergency and continuity planning, emergency preparedness and awareness, and fire safety.

The Office of Emergency Management:

  • Provides strategic and operational guidance in the development of University building emergency plans, business continuity plans and emergency response protocols to ensure that regulations, standards and best practices are respected

  • Develops and manages initiatives to improve the University’s emergency response capacity, such as the Crisis Management Structure, the Emergency Notification System (AlertUO) and the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

  • Conducts emergency response exercises and delivers emergency preparedness training for the University community, including its responders

If you have any questions related to the services offered by this division, please contact one of the following members:

Director, Office of Emergency Management
Dana Fleming,  [email protected] 613-562-5800 extension 2873

Coordinator, Emergency Management Program
Pierre Gagnon[email protected] 613-562-5800 extension 6633

Coordinator, Fire Prevention Program
Richard Sincennes[email protected] 613-562-5800 extension 6091

Programs Officer
Jessica Laplante[email protected]

Training and Standards Division

Our mission is to develop, and complete on-going review of our standards and deportment and plan, develop and implement sustained training strategies.

Training and Standards Coordinator: Robert Paiement

Investigations Division

This division conducts investigations into criminal offences that take place on University of Ottawa campuses.

Investigator: Sylvain Leroux

Administration Division

The Administration Division is responsible for managing the budgets, compensation, accounts payable and receivables.

If you have any questions related to the services offered by this division, please contact [email protected]

Finance Manager: Colleen Bennett

Financial Assistant: Sylvie Ricard and Marie Perpétue Kouakou

Financial Officer: Sherrie Lynn Mundy