Print from your laptop or phone

Send your documents for print from your device. You can upload files that are 100 MB or less.

The uoPrint portal is secure and allows you to check your card balance, view the printing rates, and see the location of the available printing machines on campus. If you need to print a file previously uploaded and sent to print from your account, you can check the list of previously printed files.

When using the portal, you can uoPrint these types of files: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ptp, .ptpx, .xml. Most common image formats are also accepted, such as .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff, and .bmp.

Follow these steps to submit a document for print:

1. Login with your uoAccess credentials. 

2. From the left-side navigation menu, select Web Print.

 Login screen for web print

3. Click Submit a Job.

4. Select a printer: "cws-p301\Noir_et_blanc_black_and_white" for black & white, or "cws-p301\Couleur - Colour" for colour copies.

 Select a printer screen for web print

5. Select the number of copies you require by selecting Print Options and Account Selections.

Select number of copies screen for web print

6. Click Upload Documents. You can drag & drop files, or select Upload from Computer.

7. To send the documents for print, select Upload & Complete.

Upload document screen for web print

8. Once the upload is successful the status displayed will show Held in queue.

 Held in queue screen for web print