MAM Benefits

MAM protects an organization's data within an application. With MAM without enrollment (MAM-WE), a work or school-related app that contains sensitive data can be managed on almost any device, including personal devices in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios. Many productivity apps, such as the Microsoft Office apps, can be managed by Intune MAM.


Functionalities available via MAM   

Managing devices and apps  

  • Securely enable BYOD  
  • Configure and protect uOttawa apps  
  • Remotely deploy and provision new devices   
  • Proactively manage updates, patching, and security policies  

Protecting institutional resources  

  • Create data loss prevention policies  
  • Enable safe links and safe attachments  
  • Discover all cloud apps and services used in your organization, to mitigate threats associated with external apps  
  • Advanced threat protection  
  • Implementation of protection policies