Proposal for agreement or partnership (internal request)

About the requester (uOttawa employee)

After you have obtained your academic unit / Faculty’s approval, this proposal is the next step in developing a new agreement or partnership. The main goal is to help the Evaluation Committee 1) understand the details of the proposal, 2) determine the involvement of parties concerned, 3) identify objectives and strategic benefits, 4) have the project assessed centrally and 5) make recommendations on implementation.

About the partnership
What aspects of this partner are most beneficial for uOttawa through this collaboration?
Details about the project
This partnership or project involves (check all that apply):
What is the reason for the request? Choose all that apply:
What aspects of this proposed partner make it beneficial for uOttawa to collaborate with it? Choose all that apply:
Strategic context
How does the project address the University of Ottawa’s mission and strategic vision?