Need an expert? COP27

Need an expert
Audience at a conference
Mikael Kristenson
The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section will be on-site and following negotiations at COP27 in Egypt.

Our experts are available to discuss the following themes:

  • Canada and Quebec’s general positions and commitments
  • Respecting our 1.5 degree Celsius commitment
  • Hydrocarbons output
  • SDG7 and the access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy
  • Discussion of Northern countries climate commitments toward Southern countries
  • Access to energy and reduction of emissions and impact on Southern countries
  • Rights of people with disabilities
  • Climate change's impact on countries/states and consequences of their destruction
  • Environmental refugees
  • The right to a healthy environment
  • Climate change and impact on human health

For perspective on these topics and areas of research, members of the media can contact:

Thomas Burelli (English and French)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section, and Co-Director of the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability at uOttawa.

[email protected]