Conflict in Sudan

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Four soldiers with weapons in Sudan
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Academic experts available to provide context or comment on the following topic: Conflict in Sudan

Members of the media may directly contact:

Awad Ibrahim (English and French)

Full Professor, Faculty of Education, and Vice-Provost in Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence.

[email protected]

Professor Ibrahim can discuss the current politics and violent conflict in Sudan. He can also provide perspective on literature and culture of Sudan, particularly youth culture.

Kon K. Madut (English only)

Part-time Professor, School of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences.

[email protected]

Professor Madut can discuss how militarism and political conformism in Sudan and South Sudan led to current crisis. He can discuss the culture of political conformity and arbitrary sociopolitical contracts within Sudan and South Sudan as well as the importance of education and training of young people. Expertise includes:

  • Post seperations
  • Militrism
  • Civil rule (democracy)
  • Ethnic Politics  

Jabeur Fathally (English and French)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section, and  Director ad interim, Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC).

[email protected]

"This conflict is far from being an unpredictable event. On the contrary, since the fall of the regime of Omar Al-Bashir in 2019, Sudan has entered a new and dangerous period of political, economic and social instability since everything has fallen to the whims and internal/international agendas of two generals, Abdel Fattah al-Burhane and Mohamad Hamdan Daglo. Certainly, it is a conflict between the Sudanese but it is also a conflict of geostrategic influence between some regional actors like Egypt, Qatar and Emirates, including international conflicts such as the United States and Russia. It is a conflict that can have serious repercussions on peace and stability in Africa."

Full Professor, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section and former Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre.

"The genocide in Darfur, Sudan, started 20 years ago is happening in full fury today, displacing millions while tens of thousands more are being killed. This amounts to a continuation of the genocide that has already seen the International Criminal Court indict former President Al-Bashir for genocide and his top leaders, who are leading today's genocide."