Ukraine War: How does it end?

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Academic experts available to provide context or comment on the following topic: Ukraine War: How does it end?

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Claude Denis (English and French)

Full Professor, School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies,  Faculty of Social Sciences.

[email protected]

Professor Denis has written about the Ukraine war in a series of articles, including Thinking Through Scenarios for the End of the War in Ukraine and Unpacking the Endgame: Examining the Possibility of Nuclear Escalation and Regime Change in the Russia-Ukraine War.

Professor Denis can discuss:

  • The question of who is to blame for the war and how anti-NATO feelings among various analysts are warping a proper focus on Ukraine's right to exist as a sovereign state within its internationally recognized borders.
  • Scenarios for the future and/or the end of the war, including the future of the Putin regime and its serious threat of using nuclear weapons.