Political violence in Peru

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By Paul Logothetis

Media Relations Agent, Media Relations, External Communications

Street scene of a protest
Academic experts available to provide context or comment on the following topic: Political violence in Peru

Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:

Salvador Herencia Carrasco (English, French and Spanish)

Director of the Human Rights Clinic (HRREC) and Part-time Professor, Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section.

[email protected]

Professor Herencia Carrasco can discuss the human rights situation in his native Peru. The HRREC is currently intervening before courts and supporting NGOs on the ground in Peru.

“Since the start of the protests last month, the disproportionate response of the police has led to violence, with at least 60 killed. With protests set to restart on Tuesday, these clashes are fueling the social and racial divide in the country.”

Marie-Chrisine Doran (English, French and Spanish)

Full Professor, School of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Director, Observatory on Violence, Criminalization and Democracy.

[email protected]

"A disproportionate amount of violence continues to be exercised by Peru’s police against the population, which wants new elections and has taken to the streets in protest over the political crisis that has followed the impeachment of the indigenous President Pedro Castillo. Despite large demonstrations planned in Lima at the end of the week, the new government led by President Dina Boluarte has eschewed dialogue for violence, which has led to a rising death toll and the continuation of the state of emergency that suspends civil liberties."